Christmas Themes

There's more to holiday decor than stockings and mistletoe

Christmas ThemesWith the number of traditions connected to Christmas it's easy to rely on well established themes to guide your holiday decorating and gift giving. The common subjects of winter wonderland, Santa's workshop and candy and sugarplums are old news this year. Christmas 2008 has ushered in a whole new array of holiday themes to choose from.

Mixing Seasons
One of the easiest ways to update your Christmas look is to incorporate elements of your other seasonal decorations. Let Christmas flow from autumn to winter with the use of deep oranges and reds, as well as leather and velvet combined with brass. Reminiscent of Thanksgiving, these decorations focus on the warmth of the season that comes from family get-togethers, roaring fires and festive dinners.

You could also add some unexpected textures borrowed from spring and summer seasons. Use blues and silvers to suggest springtime festivals, or include wicker pieces to remind you of summer vacation. Mixing seasons frames Christmas in a year-round decorating scheme and allows for more choice. With the right decorating details, any season can seem Christmasy!

Bringing Back Religion
Religious and spiritual references are a growing trend in decorating themes this year. As Christmas is quickly becoming a more and more commercial holiday season, recognizing Christmas as the time of Jesus' birth and working in décor items based on nativity or other spiritual traditions is quickly gaining popularity. You can add personal elements of your spirituality or rely on vintage nativity scenes and religious ornaments.

Folk Art
The quaint folk art that you find at country markets and craft sales is making a comeback this year. Anything that is handmade, hand painted, knit or crocheted is really popular. You can use these items as decorations both inside and outside; hang crocheted ornaments on the tree or use them as Christmas Christmas decorations for an added holiday gift.

Marine Theme
The waves are crashing into Christmas decorations. Colors like blues and greens are found with brown accents. Patterns and ornaments containing beach related images like shells, waves and sea creatures are stylish this year, and sand is being used as both a color theme and a texture. Who says the beach is only for summer?

More Themes
There are a number of unusual themes emerging this season. Some other popular themes include:

  1. Personalization or customization
    This can be as simple as monogramming a bathrobe, beach bag or bed linen gift, or as elaborate as giving a highly personalized scrapbook of a special time. Consider DIY Christmas ornaments with your own family's monogram

  2. Vintage Items
    What once was old is new again, and grandma's antique pewter tree ornament or old silk angel tree topper will make your decorations the talk of the town.

  3. Characters
    Focus your holiday decorations around your own personal favorite Christmas creature in the form of a penguin, polar bear, snowman or reindeer

Incorporating these themes or even single pieces from different themes can turn your Christmas décor into a trendy fashion statement this season.

Popular Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are versatile decorations. They can be put on the Christmas tree, scattered on a Christmas table, tied to gifts or even given as a present. These are some of the popular (and sometimes unusual) ornaments that are cropping up this year:

  1. Cartoon characters
    Barbie, Snoopy, Homer – Yes, almost anything goes!

  2. Personalized ornaments
    Both homemade and store-bought, as long as it's personal

  3. Pine cones
    Frosted or ribbon-tied, in a candle holder or hung from red ribbon on the tree

  4. Houses
    Think miniature model homes with snow capped eves and country town scenes

  5. Snowglobes
    What would Christmas be without snowglobes!

  6. Picture frames
    Decorated for Christmas or used as tree ornaments, put photos of your loved ones in them
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