Animated Christmas Ornaments

Christmas in motion

Animated Ornament Animated Christmas ornaments have been around since the 1930s and typically work using the heat and energy emitted from the Christmas lights. The ornaments come in a variety of themes and shapes. There is also choice as to the type of motion that the ornaments make.

Light Shades

Light shades are small paper light covers painted with Christmas scenes. The covers spin to animate the scene. They sit on top of the bulb of a tree light and are moved by a small metal tab that rests against the bulb. There is a little spindle that spins when heated by the lights.

Twinkling Ornaments

Twinkling ornaments also work with the heat generated by tree lights. A twinkling ornament is hung on a branch close to a light bulb. The open end of the ornament catches the heat from the light and that energy spins a small metallic fan that reflects the light. The reflection makes a twinkling light.

Rotating Ornaments

Rotating ornaments have a special attachment that takes the place of a bulb on a string of tree lights. The attachment is powered by the electricity in the string and turns a small hook that can hold a Christmas ornament. Rotating ornaments come in a number of shapes. The most popular is a carousel which can be outfitted with mirrors to reflect the lights. Other common shapes include Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, candy canes and stars.

Manual Motion

Some animated Christmas ornaments are not in constant motion. These ornaments require you to move them yourself. They are commonly made of wood in the shape of gingerbread men, Santa Claus, reindeer and snowmen. The arms and legs of these characters will move when you pull a string or push a button.

You will also find manual light-up ornaments. These ornaments light up when you push a button. They can be found in almost any shape but the most common are stars and candy canes.

Magnetic Ornaments

Magnetic ornaments are popular both on and off the tree. They are typically made in the shape of ice rinks or snowy hills. There are magnets inside the ornament and when they are turned on they will pull tiny figurines around to skate across the rink or toboggan down the hill.

Animated Christmas ornaments are a fun way to celebrate the season and they also make quite a conversation piece for neighbors and friends!

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