The Best Gift Bows, Ornaments and Decorations

Customizing your Christmas gifts

There are a lot of little extras you can include in your Christmas gift wrapping that will make your gift all that more special. You can use different types of bows, ornaments and other package decorations to create a theme, personalize or just make your gift a little different.


Gift BowsBows can range from simple to elaborate, tiny to giant and bright to understated. You can purchase pre-made bows if you don't have the time to create your own, or you can tie a ribbon different ways to make your own. The easiest and most elegant way to make a fairly large bow involves few steps:

  1. Loosely wrap a wide ribbon around the package you are wrapping to see how much you will need. If you want a larger bow or long tails you will need a longer length.

  2. Wrap the ribbon around the package and pull it until it fits snugly.

  3. Pull the ends of the ribbon into equal sized loops.

  4. Cross the right loop over the left and tie by pulling the right loop under the left and through the hole.

  5. Pull the knot tight and adjust the bow and tails.

Use ribbons that contrast the colors of your Christmas gift wrap to make your bows more interesting. You can also get creative with the bow tails by curling them, shearing them or varying the length.


Tiny ornaments make a great addition to any Christmas gift. Choose a nice ornament and it can be like giving two gifts in one! Personalized ones can be used as gift tags or if you are giving a small or flexible gift you can wrap the ornament's string around it and use the ornament as packaging.


Decorating your packages is an easy and fun way to add holiday spirit to any gift. A popular way to decorate gifts is to attach a small stuffed toy to it with a ribbon. A tiny beanbag Santa Claus or snowman makes your package 3D. The key to using decorations while wrapping your Christmas gift is to vary the size, shape and texture of the pieces. You want to contrast with the wrapping paper and provide an interesting visual point.

You can easily and cleanly attach any decoration to your gift by tying it on with ribbon or gluing it on with hot glue. Make sure whatever you are using to attach the decoration won't harm it because most likely the person who receives the Christmas gift will also want to keep the decoration.

This Year's Popular Gift Decorations

Looking to present your Christmas gift in a trendy package? Here are the top five popular gift decorations for the year:

  • Feathers
  • BIG bows with long tails
  • Beanbag candy canes
  • Shells
  • Craft jewels
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