Christmas Bells

Ring in the holiday season

As popular Christmas decorations, bells are traditionally used to announce arrivals and events as well as to keep track of time. Bells are rung for happy occasions like weddings and to "ring in" the New Year. They are also rung to signify sad times, such as illnesses and funerals. In the case of Christmas, bells are typically rung to herald the holiday season, celebrate good cheer, and on Christmas Day, to rejoice in the birth of Jesus. They also make a festive Christmas decorations for home, workplace and outdoors.

A Brief History of Bells

Bells are first thought to have rung during pagan winter celebrations. The long nights of winter were cause for worry because of the evil associated with darkness. The bells were used as noisemakers to chase away evil spirits. They were easy to use and could be handmade.

The joy and beauty of ringing bells began to spread beyond these instances and were incorporated into other events. The music of the bells was understood as more than noise. Churches adopted the use of bells to call people to service. They also began ringing church bells to make announcements and bring communities together.

The sounds of tolling bells are now synonymous with the Christmas season. They are inexpensive musical instruments that easily accompany carolers. It is also believed that Santa attaches bells to his reindeer so that he can easily locate them in the dark of night. Bells are a fun and easy Christmas decoration.

Making Bells: A Christmas Decoration and an Instrument

Christmas BellsYou can make bells out of clay terra cotta pots. The drainage hole that is already punched in the bottom of the pot makes it an incredibly easy and fun Christmas project.


  • Two inch terra cotta clay pot
  • Floral wire or thin wire
  • ¾ inch jingle bell
  • Wooden spool
  • Six inch long ribbon in width of your choice
  • Paint
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Hot glue
  • Glue gun


1.Wipe down your pot and let it dry completely.

2.Paint the pot a festive color such as red or green. Paint the spool a coordinating color like silver or gold. Let the paint dry.

3.Glue the spool to the pot, making sure to line the holes up in the center. Spray with acrylic sealer. Let sealer dry thoroughly.

4.To hang the bell use two six inch long pieces of wire. Fold one in half and twist the ends together. Make a loop at one end and fold the other end into a 'T' shape. Slide the bell to the center of the other piece of wire and fold the wire in half. Twist the wire to secure the bell.

5.Attach the two wires together by putting the ends of the wire with the bell through the loop on the other wire. Twist the ends together so the bell wire is securely looped through the other wire.

6.Push the loop of the first wire through the hole in the pot and the spool. Pull gently until the 'T' shape is resting against the inside of the pot. Put a dab of glue into the hole of the spool to hold your wire in place. You can also glue the 'T' shape to the inside of the pot for extra durability. Enjoy your musical Christmas decoration!

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