Christmas Birthday Party Ideas

Make holiday birthdays merrier

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world, so people who have a birthday over the holiday season experience twice the fun! This article will provide you with Christmas-themed birthday party ideas that will add some extra cheer to the holiday season.

The most important thing to remember when planning a Christmas birthday party is that you want to ensure that the birthday celebration is separate from Christmas celebrations. While you can follow a Christmas theme, you will want to ensure that the birthday boy or girl knows that the party is a celebration for their birthday – an important event in itself.

Christmas Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Consider a fun North Pole theme! For this theme, guests could dress as Santa's elves, as gift-wrapped presents, or as reindeer. Using cotton, you could decorate the party with "snow," and be sure to add lots of snowflakes and icicles to set the mood. In terms of games, the "wrapped present game" is a good one to keep everyone amused. The idea is that the host wraps a present in numerous layers of wrapping paper. As the guests sit in a circle, each guest removes one layer of paper and then passes it on to the next person. The person who opens up the last layer keeps the gift.

Another option is a Christmas crafts party. Go to your local craft store and purchase plain Christmas ornaments, glitter, sequins and pipe cleaners, and have your guests create a unique Christmas ornament to give to the birthday boy or girl, or to take home and use on their tree. Guests could also decorate picture frames, gift tags or any little trinkets they desire. You could buy red and green beads and Christmas-themed jewels for a jewelry-making theme, where your guests could create their own necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings.

Another birthday Christmas party idea is a Christmas sweets theme. Guests could decorate gingerbread houses, cupcakes and cookies! You could also fill a Christmas-themed piñata with Christmas sweets from candy canes to red and green jujubes, to Christmas chocolate and marzipan.

A red and green theme is a fun option, too. Ask your guests to dress in the two colors, use food coloring to make all of your food red and green or decorate for the birthday in Christmas colors. It's quite easy to find decorations in red and green – you could even play trivia games with color themes. For your guests who don't celebrate Christmas, you could encourage them to create decorations from the holidays they celebrate to contribute to your Christmas birthday party theme.

Other Party Tips and Ideas

As with any party, the right music can set the mood! Choose your Christmas tunes according to the mood, and make a fun mix of Christmas music, pop songs and traditional carols. You might even want to consider taking the party caroling! Whatever you decide for your Christmas birthday party, keep your plans simple. The spirit and excitement of the holidays will help make the birthday celebrations full of jingle bell rock.

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