Christmas Cards

Sending holiday wishes

Whether they're formal, religious or humorous, Christmas cards are an affordable and easy way to spread holiday cheer.

All Business

Business Christmas cards include the company's name and corporate logo. Business Christmas cards are a great way for companies to thank their customers and encourage future business. In addition to the card image, ink color and font, businesses can select from a list of messages or write their own thoughtful words. Envelopes can include a return address and be lined with colorful Christmasy foil.

Say Cheese

Photo Christmas cards are a great way for families and friends to keep in touch. Photo Christmas cards are available in three styles: a photo is added to a blank cover with a message pre-printed on the inside; a photo is added to the inside with a message pre-printed on the cover; the photo and message are scanned onto a completely blank card. With the first two options the cards are pre-made and customers simply insert their photo. With the third option, customers can have the card made at a print shop or create the card themselves with the proper software.

Make it Personal

Personalized Christmas cards are created at a print shop where customers choose from a selection of images and personalize only the message. Similar to personalized Christmas cards are Custom Christmas cards which give customers full control over the look and feel of the card. Customers work closely with a designer to create a new card image and message. They also get to select the ink color, font and paper. With the proper software, custom Christmas cards can also be made at home on the computer.

Go Homemade

Homemade Christmas cards may require more time and effort, but they truly show you care. Unlike printed Christmas cards, homemade Christmas cards allow for various materials, accessories and textures to be combined on one card. Use cotton to represent snow or velvet to create Santa's suit. Snowmen can have real button eyes and yarn for their scarves. You're only limited by your imagination. Lace, sparkles, foil, beads, paint and much more can be used to create that one of a kind card. Cards can be simple or elaborate depending on the materials used. You can even reuse Christmas cards to create original personalized Christmas post cards. Visit your local craft store for ideas and supplies.

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