Christmas Decorating Tips

The best ways to display your decorations

The trick to good Christmas decorating is to have fun doing it! Follow these simple steps to get the best from your holiday decorating:

  1. Make certain you have no outside distractions. Work with some decorator elves (friends or family) or work alone.

  2. Set the mood! Strike up some holiday music. Christmas carols or classic winter hymns can provide the carefree or solemn tone.

  1. Remove all of your decorations from storage and place them in a location where they will be easy to view.

  1. Check your ornaments for damage, and your Christmas lights for cracks or shorts.

  2. Select locations for your decorations. Don't plan too many for a room.

  3. Arrange silver, red, green, or white balls on a silver tray (if available) for an effective centerpiece.

  4. Alternatively, take an attractive container (preferably silver or crystal) and fill with fruits and vegetables of seasonal colors. For example; apples, grapes, cucumbers, zucchini, red, green or yellow peppers, red and green cabbages, red and green onions, pomegranates, brussel sprouts or limes all work well.

  5. Fasten tiny balls to the corner of each cloth napkin for a "jingle bell" theme.

  6. An old can, stone pot, or wooden container filled with pine branches can make a dramatic display on a side table in front of a hearth. (Keep at least 5 feet from any flames and protect open flames from sparks.)

  7. Consider themes in rooms like multiple angels on ledges, hanging from bookshelves, and arranged evergreen boughs around them.

  8. Use ornamental balls of various sizes attached to large gift boxes and wrap with silver colored paper and red ribbons.

  9. Consider using the natural theme of a room is an advantage in your Christmas decorating. A kitchen with candles, and tastefully decorated cooking and baking utensils along with cinnamon sticks, fruit and vegetable garnishes, garlands, ribbons, and winter crafts can provide an excellent backdrop for "visions of sugar plums" and other Christmas treats.

  10. Paint snowflakes on the windows using removable glass paint.

  11. Wrap pictures frames and hang them on the wall.
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