Christmas Decoration Storage

How to store your Christmas decor

At the end of the season, it is important to take the time to properly and carefully store decorations so that they can be reused for many Christmastimes to come. Well-preserved Christmas decorations can become treasured family heirlooms.

Follow these simple instructions to best store decorations:

  1. Label all boxes with what's in it and where the decoration is usually hung.

  1. Keep like decorations together; if you have special decorations you use in the kitchen, or all hand-painted ornaments keep them all in the same box.

  2. Add instructions to the box. If you hang certain decorations or ornaments first, state that on the box, for example "open this box first".

  1. Separate Christmas ornaments by their materials. Put strings, ribbons, glass ornaments, home made crafts and displays all in separate boxes.

  2. Remove all compost material (fruits, vegetables, garlands and other plants) from wreath and display bases before storing.

  3. Cover each hanging decoration carefully with a plastic bag and hang somewhere safely on a hook to prevent crumpling or crushing.

  4. Cover your Christmas wreaths carefully with a plastic bag and hang somewhere safely or lay it flat in a box.

  5. Wrap candles individually in paper (preferably cellophane or wax) and lay carefully in a box.

  6. Keep heavy decorations separate from light decorations when packing. If boxes are being stacked, be certain to place light decorations on top.

  7. Consider storing fragile decorations in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes.

  8. Keep decoration hangers separate from ornaments; not only do you reduce the chance of losing them, but it prevents the ornaments from being scratched.

  9. Store decorations in the order they are hung. The box of the first decorations are put into the storage space last.

  10. Take pictures of the decorations when they were hung. It's a great "blueprint" for the next year.

  11. Separate indoor from outdoor decorations. Put them in different colored boxes or label with different colored marker (for example all indoor decorations are stored in a green box or labeled using a green marker).

  12. Store Christmas linens in a suitcase to reduce the likelihood of mold or moth damage. Include a scented sachet or fabric softener sheet to keep the linen smelling fresh.
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