Christmas Decorations

Put up some Christmas cheer

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the festive decorations. Whether it was in celebration of Winter Solstice, Saturnalia or the Feast of Horus, humans have long used decorations as part of winter festivities. While these holidays were pagan in origin, the same theme of birth and rebirth resonates through them all; including Christmas. Many of the Christmas decorations we're familiar with have roots in early Christian traditions. Others have pagan roots. While the decorations may have changed in appearance over time, at heart the purpose of those traditions remain. Decorating your home for Christmas is an event eagerly awaited by most. Once Thanksgiving has come and gone, many turn their thoughts to Christmas. Some even start hanging their decorations and putting up the Christmas tree the very next day!

Plan Ahead

The best advice when it comes to Christmas decorating is "plan ahead". Decide whether you plan to use Christmas decorations both indoors and outdoors, how many you'll need and where you'll place them. Decide whether each room will have a unique decorating theme or if one theme will carry from room to room. As you can see there is a lot to consider when it comes to Christmas decorating. While some people love the spontaneous approach, others hate it. If you're one of the latter, make a detailed plan. This is especially true if you have a sophisticated theme in mind for your Christmas decorations. Everyone has driven past lawns with the most beautifully laid out outdoor Christmas decorations. Do you think they just threw those decorations up? Probably not. They were probably working from a rough floor plan.

You Can't Go Wrong

If, however, you're a spontaneous decorator, simply go where your imagination takes you. Does the stairway need some garland? Sure, why not! How about a mantle full of nutcracker dolls? Maybe some Christmas candles on that table would look great. When it comes to Christmas decorations, there is no right or wrong way to approach it. Christmas is a rich holiday full of many diverse traditions. Express it in the way that is uniquely you; use any or as many Christmas decorations as you want.

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