Christmas Garland

The traditional Christmas décor

Christmas garland is one of the most versatile of holiday decorations. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, wrapped around the Christmas tree or wrapped around stair railings, garland has many creative and beautiful uses. When it comes to the Christmas tree, garland is one of the "must have" decorations (lights, ornaments and the tree topper being the other essentials). While the decision to include garland as a Christmas tree decoration is easy, choosing which garland is not. There are so many styles, colors and textures of garlands to choose from. Tinsel garland is one popular choice. Get it in traditional red, blue, silver and gold or funky colors such as orange and purple.

Garland Types

Tinsel not your style? Try bead garlands. Do you prefer plastic or wood beads? Or perhaps glass? Looking for something a little more glamorous? Try crystal bead garlands. Just think how much the crystals will reflect the Christmas tree lights - sparkle, sparkle! Don't like the garlands available in the stores? Make your own. Long before the days of mass reproduction, homeowners made their Christmas decorations, including garland. It's easier than you think; simply string some cranberries or popcorn into a long strand. This style of garland can also be used on outdoor trees. Not only is it decorative, but it provides food for birds.

Drape Anywhere!

The more dramatic uses of Christmas garland don't involve the Christmas tree. This is where you can really set your imagination free. Drape a classic pine bough garland along the fireplace mantel for an "old fashioned Christmas". Add red velvet ribbons for an extra splash of color. Or loosely braid multiple ribbons of blue, silver and white, complete with bows, and drape it along the mantel. Another style of mantel garland is a "virtual garland". Items of the same type are lined up on the mantel, creating a loose, textured garland. For example, you can use angel figures, snowman candles or nutcracker dolls. Look for items of varying heights, sizes and colors to make the garland more interesting.Stairways are another perfect spot for Christmas garlands. If you've already used a pine bough garland along the mantel (or if you just don't like pine) try other greenery. Holly, mistletoe and rosemary come instantly to mind. Plus rosemary has a clean, refreshing scent. You can also try a "goodie inspired" garland. Tie gingerbread cookies, lollipops, sugar plums, chocolate coins, candy canes and sugar cookies to a ribbon and presto - a lighthearted (and delicious) garland! Don't be surprised if this Christmas garland starts to look bare by the end of the holidays. It might be too tempting for those with a sweet tooth!

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