Christmas Gift Wrapping

Help for those of us who are all thumbs

Do your wrapped gifts resemble a failed science project? Do you use an entire roll of tape for a single gift? Wrapping gifts doesn't have to be difficult! Follow these simple tips for gift wrapping made easy:

  1. You'll need a roll of wrapping paper, plus tape and scissors
  2. Unroll the paper and place the gift in the center
  3. Make sure there is enough paper to cover the gift on all sides
  1. Cut the paper in a straight line
  2. Center the gift in the piece of paper
  3. Take two opposite sides of the wrapping paper and tape snugly around the gift
  1. Your gift should now be open at opposite ends
  2. Take one of the open ends and fold the paper on the top side flat to the box and crease the left and right sides
  3. Fold the creased left and right sides towards the middle to form a triangle with the paper on the bottom.
  4. Tape the triangle to the box
  5. Repeat steps 8-10 for the other end
  6. Done!

Wrap ASAP!

Congratulations, you've just wrapped a present; all the edges are smooth, the paper lies flat - it looks great! But that was just one gift. Imagine doing that process for 20 gifts or more - at once! Does the thought of it give you shudders? Then as a simple word of advice- don't leave your gift wrapping until the last minute. With the hectic pace of the holidays, many people leave their gift wrapping until Christmas Eve, or worse, Christmas morning. Why add to your stress? So here's a simple, easy to follow tip that surprisingly few people follow: wrap gifts as soon as you get them home.

Last Tips

Christmas wrapping paper is not only expensive, it can extremely wasteful, too. Therefore follow the carpenter's code of "measure twice, cut once". Did you cut one piece too small? Keep it. You can always use it for another gift. Keep all those little odds and ends of paper - if you can't use them to wrap gifts, they make great gift tags and ribbons. You may feel like you're all thumbs right now, but once you've wrapped a few gifts, you'll find that gift wrapping is really quite easy.

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