Christmas Light Storage

Christmas Lights and Decorations can last for years

While gift wrapping and cards are the biggest source of waste during the holidays Christmas decorations on your home and tree can also be a culprit. Most decorations and ornaments are made of non recycled material and are not recyclable after you have used them.

Live decorations such as evergreen wreaths and cranberry garland are great because they are compostable but some still end up in the landfill. The best way to reduce waste with your Christmas decorations is to look after them carefully and reuse them year after year.

Storing Your Décor

The best way to save your decorations for continued use is to pack them away neatly and carefully.

Check the Tree

For Christmas tree decorations you need to closely review the tree to make sure you have gotten all of them off. The best way to preserve them would be to put them back in their original packaging. If this is not possible you should put them in a durable storage container.

Check The Lights

Check for burnt out bulbs before putting away your Christmas lights. You should wind them around a piece of cardboard to prevent them from tangling. Separate them into indoor and outdoor packages to avoid confusion next year.

Opt for Plastic Containers

Cardboard boxes are not your best bet because they can bend and allow moisture to get at your decorations. You want to avoid bending, breaking or tangling your decorations. Make sure to put the most delicate Christmas decorations on top when you are packing them or stacking the containers. You also need to make sure everything is carefully labeled so that you are able to find them easily the next time you need them.

Outdoor Decorations

Your outdoor Christmas decorations may be larger than your indoor decorations. Any inflatables or statues should have their own storage space to avoid damage. They need to be kept indoors and away from moisture. If you have an inflatable be careful how you fold it because the plastic can age and tear in folds.

Caring for Your Decorations

While storing your decorations is important for their continued use you also have to maintain the decorations while they are displayed. This consists of monitoring and cleaning.

Make Regular Check Ups

Check your Christmas decorations regularly. Make sure there are no burnt out bulbs or frayed wires on your string of lights. Replace any bulbs or wires that are damaged. This will reduce fire hazards and keep the string operating at its best.

Hang Them Properly

Make sure that you hang and display your ornaments and decorations in sturdy places. Avoid placing heavy objects where they are at risk of falling. Keep them away from sources of heat and high traffic areas. A broken (or melted) ornament cannot be used again!

Cleaning and Dusting

Decorations should be kept clean while they are on display. A light dusting with a feather duster or cloth will suffice for most pieces. Some cloth decorations will require washing and outdoor decorations need to be wiped down periodically.

Handle with Care

Some Christmas decorations and ornaments can prove to be quite delicate and if you want to use them again you will need too take good care of them as well as handle and store them with great care.

More Than Environmentally Friendly

Taking care of your Christmas decorations and ornaments is important for many reasons besides reducing waste.

  1. Ornaments and decorations can become family heirlooms

  2. A holiday tradition can be built around decorating

  3. Trends change each year and you might not be able to find what you like

  4. Your decorations say something about your personality

  5. Christmas decorations are expensive
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