Christmas Ornament Themes

Pulling your ornaments together

Using Christmas ornaments is the easiest way to express your personal interests and set the overall theme of your Christmas Tree. Victorian Christmas themes incorporate fruit, cookies, berries, figurines, bows, lace, and other trinkets. Winter/Nature Christmas themes include decorations that depict snowflakes, pinecones, berries, holly, icicles, stars and small birds. Nautical Christmas themes bring to life one's love for the sea, with boats, anchors, shells, lighthouses and seahorses adorning the tree. Similar to the nautical theme is the fishing Christmas theme , which includes ornaments of boats, fish, lures, fishermen, fishing rods, tackle boxes and bobs. Sport Christmas themes allow you to show your team pride, while patriotic Christmas themes deck the Christmas tree in red, white and blue.

Personalizing Your Ornaments

Personalized Christmas ornaments allow you to personalize pre-made ornaments with names, messages and photos. You can custom design one-of-a-kind ornaments. Personalized Christmas ornaments also include specialty ornaments, such as profession-based ornaments (teachers, nurses, etc.), family-based ornaments ("Best Grandparent", "Number One Mom or Dad", etc.), special occasions (wedding, first home) and special interests (sports, movies, cartoons, etc).

For Your Baby

There are numerous ornaments available to commemorate your Baby's first Christmas . As befitting the significance of the occasion, baby Christmas ornaments are delicate and beautiful in design; they are meant to be keepsakes.

For Your Fuzzy Friends

For pet lovers, dog ornaments and cat ornaments show appreciation for your four-legged friend. Choose from different breeds, poses (sleeping, playing, begging, etc.), colors, materials and much more. Dog and cat Christmas ornaments can even be personalized with your pet's name.

Angelic Symbols

Angels are a familiar symbol during the holidays, and angel Christmas ornaments continue to rank among the more popular ornament choices. Angel ornaments have been gracing Christmas trees for over a hundred years and their endurance can be credited to the large variety of styles and materials available.

Snowmen Ornaments

Snowman ornaments are another popular Christmas ornament, especially with the young or young at heart. The snowman can look old-fashioned or have a more modern cartoon appearance. Other ornaments portray the snowman skiing, skating or tobogganing. The ornaments can be made from wood, plastic, ceramic and crystal.

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