Christmas Ornaments

Make Christmas decorating fun

Up until the mid 19th century, Christmas ornaments were entirely handmade. Using anything available, homeowners would make decorations out of scraps of cloth, wood, pinecones and so forth. Christmas ornaments first starting appearing on store shelves during the 1870s. These were made of lead in geometric shapes or as stars, crosses and butterflies.

Shortly thereafter, glass ornaments from Germany were introduced. The Germans were renowned for making the highest quality ornaments. They were truly exquisite. They had over 5000 ornament molds and over 100 glass blowing workshops devoted entirely to making them. In 1880, F.W. Woolworth stocked his shelves with glass ornaments, but he did so with reluctance. He didn't think they would sell. By 1890, he was importing over 200,000 ornaments a year and selling 25 million dollars worth, at 5 and 10 cents per ornament! Christmas ornaments have been a holiday decorating staple ever since.

Christmas ornaments have come a long way from those earlier styles. For one thing, they're not just made of glass anymore. While glass is still the most popular style of ornament, plastic ornaments have gained a lot of ground. Plastic provides a more durable ornament that can resemble almost anything. Cartoon character ornaments, animated Christmas ornaments, even those that light up are more widely available and affordable, in plastic. Consider some personalized gifts or for yourself this year.

Wood and pewter (and other metals) are also popular ornament choices. Wooden ornaments provide a quaint charm, perfect for Christmas trees with a country theme. Pewter ornaments lend the tree a cool sophistication. Depending on how dark the shade of pewter (some are more gunmetal and some are closer to silver), pewter ornaments can look stunning with either blue or red garland.

While traditionally hung solely on the Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments are being used everywhere and anywhere. Make an entire wreath of them for a festive addition to the front door. A bowl full of ornaments makes a charming centerpiece. Add them to Christmas garland that's draped in a stairway for an instant dash of color. Tie them with a sprig of holly and some bells and hang from doorknobs - a bright and melodious entry to any room! With so many diverse uses, why not hang Christmas ornaments all through your home?

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