Christmas Party Games

Holiday game ideas for everyone

Whether you've been volunteered to organize the company Christmas party or you just want to create a new Christmas tradition at home, coming up with a Christmas party game idea is easier than you might think.

Party games are a great way to break the ice and get everyone familiar with each other, and Christmas is no different. Unlike birthday parties with games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, there are few traditional Christmas party games. But fear not, this is a great way for you to create your own Christmas party game idea.

Game Ideas for a Family Christmas Party

Many common games can be tweaked to give them a little more Christmas flair, such as musical chairs accompanied with Christmas music or Pin the Beard on the Santa. You can even turn other holiday events into a Christmas party game. For example, you can substitute the eggs in an Easter egg hunt with candy canes. Here are some other games ideas for a family Christmas party:

  • Charades. Use only Christmas-related phrases, actions or people.
  • Name that Carol. Play a snippet of a Christmas song; whoever names it correctly wins.
  • Fruitcake eating competition. Whoever can finish their cake first wins.
  • Pictionary. Use only Christmas themes.

Work Christmas Party Game Ideas

The biggest challenge with a work Christmas party is breaking the ice – and spiking the eggnog with rum may not be an option. Party games are a great alternative, but need to be tailored to the size of the group, so choose wisely. For a larger gathering, you may wish to break the room up into tables, and have each table team up to complete a task. A Christmas trivia game or movie game could work well with each table working together to come up with the answers.

Prizes could be any number of things, such as bragging rights, festive Christmas plants, or a dinner table line up ranking (that is, the table that does the best gets to line up for food first). You could also give each member a ticket for a door prize to be drawn later in the evening.

Spice up the corporate Christmas gift exchange buy having enough gifts along with a number for each guest. When their number is drawn, the person may choose to unwrap a gift, or take a gift another has already claimed. If your gift is taken, you get to choose again from the unwrapped gifts – no gift is safe until the last gift has been claimed!

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