Christmas Party Invitations

Get your Christmas party started with the right invitations

Christmas is a special time of year, and the perfect occasion to gather friends and family near. With celebration in the air and the holiday spirit in mind, it’s a great time to bring your family and friends together for a memorable Christmas party.

Invitations to Set the Mood

Christmas party invitations are the first step towards setting the tone to reflect the good cheer and good fun of the season. Your Christmas party invitation styles can vary with the theme of the party, ranging from elegant and traditional to eccentric and off-the-wall. When looking through Christmas party invitation samples, be sure to consider whether they’re the right style to set the mood for your holiday celebrations.

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas

Christmas party invitations reflect a great deal about the host and the party, so your invitations should be designed with attention and detail. Handwritten letters and Christmas cards are a traditional method of inviting guests. They can easily be personalized and reflect your holiday spirit with pretty stamps, stickers or a passage from your favorite Christmas songs. You can also save yourself some time by buying the invitations. You can choose from a wide variety of Christmas party invitation cards available, depending on the theme and budget of your party.

Christmas Party Invitation Wording

Choosing the right Christmas party invitation wording can further add to the style of the invitation – and to the party itself. Here are a few idea ideas for engaging party invitation wordings:

  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Join us in our celebration of Christmas at...
  • Christmas is the season to celebrate with family and friends. We are blessed to include you and your family as friends. Celebrate Christmas with us...
  • ’Tis the season to honor both our family and friends. You are invited to join our family at...
  • Celebrate the season with us!

The invitation should provide complete information about the party. For instance, the exact date, time, place and theme of the party should clearly be mentioned. Simply add this information and any extra instructions you wish your guests to follow, and you’ve set the mood for a great seasonal gathering.

Electronic Christmas Party Invitations

Christmas electronic invitations and e-cards are becoming an increasingly popular method of invitation. Season-inspired invitation templates are readily available at most greeting card websites. All you are required to do is personalize the card with the details of your party and send it to all your guests with the click of a mouse. Be sure to double check and verify all that all e-mail addresses are up to date; a minor mistake in spelling could result in failure of delivery of your Christmas party invitation.

If you are in a creative mood and want to go that extra mile to tell your guests that your party will be the best this season, why not record your invitation on a CD? Your CD might include additional information such as printable directions to the venue, your phone number and address. Set the card to music with your favorite Christmas carols or fun holiday tunes.

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