A delicate holiday decoration

The rosemary's place among Christmas tradition and decoration is credited to a story of the Virgin Mary. As Mary fled Egypt, she draped her cloak over a rosemary bush. The blossoms, which were white, took on the blue of Mary's cloak, and its sweet scent. In another story, Mary laid Baby Jesus' clothing on a rosemary bush to dry. Its color (blue, the color of remembrance) and its pleasant scent were bestowed upon the rosemary bush for its humble service to the Holy Family.

Caring for Rosemary

Rosemary can be tricky to maintain. However like all plants, it's a matter of learning the plant's water and light preferences. Rosemary plants prefer soil that is moist, but not wet. It doesn't like having water around its roots. However if the roots dry out, it will die. Think of this analogy: it prefers taking a quick shower over soaking in a bath.When you get your rosemary home, place it (pot and all) into a larger pot that's been filled with gravel. The gravel will help with proper drainage. Ensure the larger pot has drainage holes, then place this pot onto a plant saucer plate. Place the plant in a moderately sunny location. Water the rosemary at its base every day or every other day with approximately half a cup of water. Let the excess water drain out and empty the saucer plate. Lightly mist the foliage every few days, cleaning off any dust or debris. The rosemary is a plant that basks in humidity. It likes its air damp, not dry. So every few weeks, have the rosemary take a shower - figuratively, not literally. Simply place the rosemary on the bathroom counter while you take a hot, steamy shower. It will do the plant a world of good.

Decorating Your Rosemary

Rosemary trees are a very popular plant during Christmas. The plant can be cut into a shape resembling a Christmas tree, so if the plant is in good shape, decorate it! String some mini lights and hang miniature decorations. Look for lightweight decorations since rosemary plants are fragile. As an alternative, braid sheer ribbons of white, red and green and make a garland to drape around the tree. Make and hang teeny pipe cleaner candy canes. Paint dry, bow-tie pasta red as "little bows". Make a tinfoil star as a tree topper. When it comes to decorating your rosemary tree, use dainty decorations. After all, you'll want your rosemary tree to be around for next Christmas!

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