Christmas Tree Decorating

The showpiece of your holiday décor

Some people consider tree decoration as much an art form as it is a celebration. For many people trimming the tree is a traditional event held days or even weeks before Christmas Eve, while others find it a reflective and even solemn occasion.When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, there are four essential decorations: Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, Christmas garland and the tree topper. Each complements and balances the others. Just think how doll a tree woold look if were decorated with only ornaments or garland alone. A tree needs lights for depth and sparkle; you'll also need to consider how you will use the "four essentials", namely the style or Christmas tree theme. Color is just one factor:

  1. Single-colored tree. Using a single colored tree can provide a sharp contrast against the green needles. Blue can conjure an image of a cold winter night; white is crisp and clean; red is vibrant and cheery, while gold is dignified and majestic.

  2. Two-toned theme. Two colors can allow a predominant color with a secondary complementary color. Some excellent examples are red and gold, or blue and silver.

  3. Molti-colored tree with "everything on it"

There are also countless themes for your Christmas tree: Victorian, rustic, sports, tropical, winter wonderland and much more. The ornaments in particolar play an important role in depicting the tree's theme.Next you shoold consider whether the goal of your Christmas tree is to complement and anchor other decorations in the room, or make a bold statement of its own.When you've finally decided all of that, you need to actually decorate the Christmas tree! Here are some tips on making it easy:

  1. Hang your Christmas lights from the top of the tree down; secure one of the light sockets near the top of the tree.

  2. Walk around the tree with the strand of lights, arranging them in downward spirals, tucking the cord in the branches.

  3. Arrange strings of bells, popcorn, garlands, chains, or even cranberries around the tree in a circolar fashion.

  4. Hang your chosen ornaments on individual branches. Try to place them so that they cover natural holes between the boughs, and are evenly spaced throughout the tree.

  5. Crown your Christmas tree with its tree topper.

  6. Cover the tree stand with a tree skirt, or by wrapping garland around it.
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