Christmas Tree Stands

How to keep your tree sturdy

The Christmas tree stand is essential in maintaining the tree's upright position and providing water. Sometimes the base of the cut Christmas trees is larger than its stand. Be certain you know the tree stand can fit the tree before bringing the Christmas tree into the house.

As a rule of thumb, you'll need:

  • 5 ½ inch stand for trees that are 10-12 feet tall.
  • 4 inch stand for trees up to 10 feet
  • 3 inch stand for trees 5-6 feet tall.

Avoid whittling down the trunk sides to fit in the stand. Not only does that make your tree look unattractive, but it greatly reduces the tree's ability to absorb water, thus reducing its lifespan. Be sure to care for your tree to keep it looking healthy all season long.

In some circumstances, it's impossible to avoid trimming the tree's base. If you have no other option, use a saw or sharp knife and very carefully strip the bark. Ensure you do the outer layers of the tree equally on all sides until the tree fits the stand. Be prepared to water the tree more than is usually necessary if the trunk's been trimmed.

If the tree stand does not have enough support to hold the tree in place, you may try an alternative. Placing the tree in a sturdy bucket and filling with rocks or sand can give a solid base for an unwieldy tree.

If the tree is tipping slightly, you may wish to add a guy wire from near the top. Use thick string or wire that can fasten securely to a wall. Providing more than one guy wire can keep the tree held fast and stop it from being upset by pets or children.

If you hate the looks of your tree stand consider covering it with a Christmas tree skirt. The tree skirt should be wide enough to cover the stand, but so wide that it extends past the lower branches of the tree. Also remember that large skirts could pose a tripping hazard.

During the Victorian era, a large, red velvet tree skirt was all the rage. Today, anything goes. If your tree is already elaborately decorated, go for a simple, unobtrusive skirt. On the other hand, if you want your skirt to be the highlight of the tree, go for slightly more subdued ornaments. Just don't match elaborate skirts and ornaments together because it will look too busy. Likewise, if both the skirt and ornaments are subdued, you risk the entire Christmas tree looking dull.

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