Christmas Tree Toppers

The crowning glory for your tree

The Christmas tree topper is the finishing touch to your Christmas tree. Due to their importance in Christian symbolism, the most common Christmas tree toppers (also called Christmas treetops) are angels and stars Angels represent the archangel Gabriel, who informed Mary she would give birth to Jesus. Angels also guided Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem. The star represents the Star of Bethlehem that guided the shepherds to the stable for Jesus' birth.

Just like Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree toppers originated in 19th century Germany. As one of the earliest ornaments, the tree toppers were first made of tin. The star was made entirely of tin. Eventually tin gave way to glass. These glass tree toppers consisted of a graduated series of balls, stacked one above the other with a glass spike on top. These glass tree toppers can still be found at antique shops and make beautiful and unique tree toppers. The Germans were among the best glass blowers in the world. An alterative tree topper of that era was an angel that "hovered" above the tree. Large wax or papier-mâché angels, ranging from 4-11 inches, were suspended above the tree by fine wires.

Other ways to top your tree

For those who prefer a more secular tree topper, there are many options: Santas, bows, teddy bears, snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer and nutcracker soldiers. Toppers come in an unlimited number of styles and materials. Some tree toppers are lighted and others include fiber optics; the choice to go traditional or high-tech is all yours.

However, don't feel obliged to use a generic Christmas tree topper. Those of you with specific Christmas themes, by all means use a tree topper specific to that theme. A Christmas tree with a nautical theme would look great with an anchor or starfish as its tree topper. If there are no available toppers for your theme, make your own. Treetop cones and glue guns are readily available at craft stores. Simply secure the item to a treetop cone and presto - your own custom tree topper! Just make sure the item is not too heavy or large, or else it will fall off the tree.

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