Christmas Wrapping Paper

Decorating your gifts

There's nothing quite like the sight of a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. And while the kids will likely tear through the wrapping paper in a matter of seconds, most adults will stop to appreciate the "presentation" of your gift. That said you don't need to be a homemaking guru to wrap a gift in style. If the "same old, same old" wrapping paper available in the stores isn't for you, here are alternative ways to wrap your gifts:

  1. Use plain colored paper: instead of buying Christmas patterned wrapping paper, buy red, green or gold wrapping paper. That way you can use left over paper for other occasions and holidays.
  1. Try tissue paper: several layers of different colors of tissue paper make an elegant alternative to traditional wrapping paper. Use can also use it to line gift boxes and fill gift bags. Buy tissue paper in bulk; it's far cheaper than buying individual sheets

  2. Cellophane: for those hard to wrap or delicate gifts, cellophane works wonders. Simply place the gift in the center of a sheet of cellophane, gather all the sides up and secure with a ribbon. Go for darker colors or combine colors to help hide the gift.

  3. Gift bags: these handy lifesavers are great for awkward shaped gifts. Just place it in a gift bag and fill the empty space with tissue paper or cellophane.

  1. Gift boxes: gift boxes are another time saver. Gift boxes come either plain or pre-decorated. They work perfect for wrapping clothes; no lumps!

  2. Accessory bags: if you're giving a gift that could use a carrying bag (for example gym shoes and a gym shirt), "wrap" the gift by putting them in an
    accessory or tote bag. It's like giving two gifts in one!

  3. Craft paper: plain brown craft paper when tied with a raffia string, provides an old fashioned or country look.

  4. Alternatives to paper: scarves and tea towels make quaint wrapping paper and can double as a gift.

And don't forget the accent pieces: ribbons, bows, glitter wire, rubber stamping, gift tags, stickers, flowers and sprigs of holiday greenery from your Christmas plants. Voila! Beautiful, elegantly wrapped gifts!

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