Collectible Christmas Ornaments

Making a tradition with collectibles

Collectible Christmas ornaments are another way to personalize your Christmas tree. Collectible ornaments are sold in series, usually focusing on a specific brand, theme or character. The Cherished Teddies® series of collectible ornaments is especially popular. These hand painted figurines feature fine craftsmanship and beautiful details. The appeal of Cherished Teddies is the wide range of 'scenarios' depicted like teddy bears skating, riding in an open sleigh, opening gifts under the Christmas tree and so forth.

Featuring beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Disney™ collectible ornaments are always in demand. Disney's collectible series is massive, so it's just a matter of finding your favorite Disney character or movie and choosing from the vast selection of ornaments. Keep in mind that Disney temporarily retires one or more movies at any given time, so the collectibles associated with those films can be in short supply.

In addition to selling popular collectible ornament series such as Cherished Teddies, Disney and more Hallmark ®has its own full line of collectible ornaments in a collection called Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. Designed exclusively for Hallmark, these detailed ornaments cover almost every aspect of Christmas and are great addition to all types of Christmas trees. The selection is incredible. Hallmark's ornaments also feature sound, light and movement, making them a fun addition to the Christmas tree or displayed on their own. Most collectible series have exclusive ornaments offered for limited times. These ornaments tend to be rare, and as such, true keepsakes.

Collectible ornaments don't have to be from a well-known brand name. Maybe your church or neighborhood association makes ornaments every year. If there's a different ornament every year, then it's a collectible. Many charitable organizations also sell collectible ornaments every Christmas. Some charitable organizations I'm aware of have a set of 12 collectible ornaments. Each of the ornaments represents of the "Twelve Days of Christmas". They only sell one ornament a year, so it takes 12 years to get the entire collection. While you think that would hurt the popularity of the ornaments, the opposite is true. They're extremely popular because they are rare and not readily available. And once you have all 12, you have a truly unique collection.

Collectible ornaments can be any style or theme that you collect over the years. Some may feature characters like Mickey Mouse while others may only be offered in a limited set. If the ornament is special to you - it's collectible!

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