Creative Christmas Eco-gifts

Giving back to the planet

Many of today's products are available in environmentally friendly versions. There are staplers that don't use staples, remote controlled toys that don't use batteries, clothes made from natural products and even eco-computers that are made with gentler chemicals and make fewer emissions. It is easy to choose an eco-friendly Christmas gift.

However, the most environmentally friendly gifts are made from creative ideas rather than material packages. Pass on the eco-friendly spirit with these gifts!

Eco-Friendly Gifts

  1. The Anti-Gift
    Don't give gifts this year. Have a party, do something nice for someone else, help a friend with a project. Give your time rather than your money.

  2. Gift Certificates
    Give a gift certificate or cash so that you know your loved ones will get exactly what they want. Save the waste created by having to return a gift or throwing something away.

  3. Make a Donation
    Give a donation to an environmental charity or group in your friends' names. Not only will you be helping a good cause, but you will also connect your friend to the organization. They might forward valuable information along!

  4. Buy an Acre
    You can help environmental organizations by 'buying' an acre of rainforest or natural land. The person you buy it for will receive neat collectables like a deed, a photo and an information package about the area they are supporting. You can also 'buy' a piece of highway or nature trail. Your money goes to supporting the maintenance and protection of these areas. Your friends' names might be inscribed on a plaque to recognize their involvement.

  5. Information
    Purchase books or group memberships for your friends to learn about the eco-friendly lifestyle, art, music, or any subject your loved ones enjoy.

  6. Living Gifts
    Help your loved ones make their space greener. Plants, trees and seeds make great gifts. A terrarium will make the perfect start for your friends who haven't developed their green thumbs.

The eco-market has also created a number of creative products that fit the environmentally friendly lifestyle. Help save the planet and teach your loved ones about the environment with these unusual products:


  1. Mini Ecosphere
    Small globes filled with microorganisms like algae living in filtered seawater. They require no maintenance because they are self contained ecosystems!

  2. Composters
    The latest composters come in cool shapes and colors and can easily fit into the smallest of yards. Include a book on what to compost and how to use compost to make the gift meaningful.

  3. Recycled Jewelry
    Creative artists have started using unexpected materials to make their jewelry. You can get bracelets made of typewriter keys, belts made of seatbelts, and even necklaces made from bicycle chains! They are unusual and make use of objects that will typically end up in a landfill.

  4. Eco-Basket
    Make up a basket of environmentally friendly household products including light bulbs and cleaning products, as well as books or pamphlets about how to make homes a little more "green".

  5. Renewable Energy
    Green tags help pay for the increased price of generating natural energy such as solar or wind energy. Consumers will be billed by their local provider but the addition of the product to the energy grid uses way less than the generation of traditional energy. Green tags are usually available through national energy providers.

By choosing to give a creative eco-gift you are encouraging an environmentally friendly lifestyle and helping to reduce the waste produced at Christmas and all year long.

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