Tips for Creative Gift Wrapping

Personalize your gift giving

Creative Gift Wrapping Christmas gift exchanges are one of the most popular and exciting holiday traditions whether within your family or at your workplace. There are a number of ways to wrap your presents so that the presentation is just as exciting as the gift itself.

Creative gift wrapping shows that you have taken time and care in the preparation of the present. It tells your friends and family that you are celebrating your relationship with them rather than just randomly handing out purchases because it's that time of year. If you take a little bit of extra time and effort to make your gift wrapping creative and personalized with special gift bows, ornaments and decorations, the person receiving the Christmas gift will be hesitant to ruin it by opening it!

Top Ten Ways to Wrap a Christmas Gift

  1. Use interesting and personalized wrapping paper. It's easy to make your own cards and paper and you can incorporate objects and images that personally relate to the person you are giving the gift to.

  2. Make a box that custom fits the gift. Use corrugated cardboard (it comes in a variety of colors) and cut the box into the shape of the gift (or a Christmas themed shape such as a star or Christmas tree). Attach a handmade tag cut out of an old Christmas card.

  3. Candy wrap the gift. Put the gift inside a cardboard tube and wrap homemade paper around it. Instead of carefully folding the ends, wrap each end like a candy wrapper and fray the edges of the paper. Secure the ends with ribbon.

  4. Wrap the gift in a gift. Tie a shirt, kerchief, socks or any other article of soft material around your gift. Secure the package with ribbons. Then the receiver can use the wrapping itself too.

  5. Paint it! Paint an old cooking pot or food container in interesting colors and designs. Attach ornaments, bows, buttons or other unique objects to the pot and seal it with a bow and ribbon.

  6. Put Christmas tree decorations on your packages. Silk flowers and other small objects also work well.

  7. Use plain brown wrapping. Use ordinary craft paper and tie your Christmas gift up with interesting ribbons or strings.

  8. Wrap several presents together. Wrap a selection of same-shaped gifts individually and attach them together with ribbons in a tiered look.

  9. Cover it up! Cover a plain box with no bottom in icing and cake decorations. The box will lift off of the present – after the receiver figures out it's not a cake!

  10. Get a one of a kind box. Browse flea markets and garage sales for interesting and original boxes. You won't have to waste paper on wrapping the gift, and it can actually act as an additional gift.

Make Christmas Special

It takes little time or effort to add a personal touch to the gifts you give. Adding special details that speak to the relationship you have with the person you are giving the gift to makes the exchange more meaningful. Your friends and family will appreciate the thought and caring you have put into sharing Christmas gifts with them.

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