Workspace Decorations

How to show your holiday cheer at work

Decorating Your WorkspaceDepending on how you feel about Christmas, decorations at work can be a festive reminder of the holiday season or a pain in the neck. If you are going to decorate your workspace, you have to remember that your coworkers may not have the same attitude towards the holidays and decorate in a way that isn't distracting (or annoying!) to everyone else.

You should keep your decorations non-religious as much as possible. This will prevent any of your coworkers from getting offended by your display.

Adding a few decorations to your workspace can be good for you. It can improve your overall mood and help get your office into the holiday spirit. You will have to keep your office regulations in mind before installing any decorations but there are simple ways to brighten up your workplace during the holidays.

Top Ten Ways to Decorate Your Workspace

  1. Make an office snowman. Stuff bags or pillow cases full of shredded paper and draw or sew on a funny face. Use office supplies like paper clips and staples to make facial features.

  2. Install Christmas wallpaper and screensavers on your computer.

  3. Sit a stuffed Santa Claus on your desk or in an empty chair.

  4. Wrap your office door in bright gift wrap.

  5. Tie large gift bows around your coat rack or office plants.

  6. Place Christmas plants like Poinsettias around your office. Vary the size of the plants and put some on your desk and others on the floor.

  7. Put a plate of Christmas treats and baking on your desk. They might not last long but they'll make your office look and smell great!

  8. Put a small artificial Christmas tree in your office or lobby.

  9. Hang a wreath on your door or desk. Don't make it too big.

  10. Use Christmas office supplies. You can get paperclips with Santa and snowmen on them. Paper is available with a number of holiday themes. Use green and red sticky notes. There are innumerable holiday theme office supplies available.

Is Decorating Dangerous?

Some companies are hesitant to allow decorating because of the dangers that can accompany them. The National Protection Agency accounts nearly six hundred fires a year to Christmas decorations alone. On average, Christmas decorating can be blamed for 33 deaths, 6000 injuries, and over 23 million dollars in property damage. There are a lot of ways your Christmas decorations can hurt you:

  1. Injuries can occur if employees are decorating their space on their own. Climbing around to place objects up high or on the ceiling can result in falls, especially when a chair on wheels is used as a ladder.

  2. Paper decorations and Christmas trees in combination with lights make for increased fire hazards.

  3. Employees can slip or trip over obstructive decorations.

  4. Christmas lights can cause electric shock and burns.

  5. Breakable ornaments can result in cuts and other injuries
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