DIY Christmas Centerpieces

Create Your Very Own Christmas Centerpieces

Centerpieces can completely change the look of a holiday table and can be a creative do-it-yourself project. They can be used to create a holiday theme or can even be incorporated into the meal. A Christmas centerpiece can be creative and simple or elegant and elaborate. Making your own Christmas centerpiece requires only some imagination!

Forest of Candles Centerpiece

Candles Centerpiece A forest of candles is a simple and quick way to dress up a table for holiday meals. The look and shape of the centerpiece is completely adjustable and can be changed each time you use the centerpiece. This makes this do-it-yourself centerpiece a flexible holiday decoration that is elegant yet practical.


  • 3 or 5 white pillar candles
  • Pine boughs
  • Branches of dark blue colored berries
  • artificial "snow"
  • silver sparkles
  • mirror
  • use artificial berries and greenery


1. Arrange the pillar candles on the mirror.

2. Tuck the pine boughs between the candles.

3. Place the branches of berries among the pine boughs.

4. Sprinkle the artificial snow to hide the ends of the greenery.

5. Sprinkle the silver sparkles on the artificial snow.

Sleigh Centerpiece

Sleigh Centerpiece This sleigh centerpiece can be put together to create a traditional, elegant or whimsical holiday theme. Depending on the type of sleigh and greenery you use, your sleigh can focus on the natural beauty of the winter season, highlight the colors and textures used in your own holiday theme or hint at Santa's big trip.


  • Dried vine sleigh
  • 12 Glass ball ornaments
  • 2 pine boughs
  • 2 boughs of mixed holiday greenery
  • 2 spruce boughs
  • Gold beaded garland
  • 1 block of floral foam
  • Green sheet moss or Spanish moss
  • Greening pins
  • 6-inch wooden florist's picks
  • Craft knife
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks

* use artificial greenery


1. Cut floral foam to fit inside sleigh.

2. Cover floral foam with sheet moss and secure in place with greening pins.

3. Cut boughs in varying lengths and insert into the floral foam.

4. Weave beaded garland throughout greenery. Glue into place.

5. Use wooden florist's picks to insert ornaments into arrangement.

6. Add glue to florist's pick to glue ornaments in place.

Christmas Ornament Centerpiece

Ornament Centerpiece The great thing about a do-it-yourself Christmas ornament centerpiece is the way it can connect your holiday table to your Christmas tree. You can use similar colors and textures, or even take ornaments directly from your tree to your table. It is quick and easy to put the centerpiece together so it is ideal for last minute holiday gatherings. However, it looks festive and creative so will suit a more formal celebration as well.


  1. Several glass or firm woven ball ornaments in a variety of colors
  2. Small mixed branches of holiday greenery
  3. Large serving or fish bowl with large opening


1. Line the bottom of a large serving or fish bowl with a single layer of mixed holiday greenery.

2. Place the ornaments in the bowl, alternating colors and textures.

Cookie Wreath Centerpiece

Cookie Centerpiece A cookie wreath centerpiece is ideal for parties with kids and kids at heart. The cookies provide a special holiday treat as well as an entertaining conversation piece. You can use home made or store bought cookies. The trick to this do-it-yourself project is to alter the shape, size, texture and color of the cookies you are putting together in a wreath. This makes the wreath into a collage of Christmas treats that everyone can enjoy.


  1. A variety of Christmas cookies in different shapes and flavors
  2. Small plate
  3. Christmas fruit or berries


1. Arrange the Christmas cookies in the shape of a wreath. You can put the cookies directly on the table – this centerpiece isn't likely to last long!

2. Place a small plate in the center of the wreath. Arrange Christmas fruits or berries on the plate.

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