DIY Christmas Door Decorations

Your door is the first thing that visitors to your home see. Why not dress it up to welcome them to the Christmas season and show your do-it-yourself Christmas spirit? Your decorations are limited only to your imagination. There is certainly no rule that says you have to put a wreath on your door.

Christmas Gift Door

Gift Wrapped Door You can easily turn your door into a do-it-yourself Christmas gift and make your home look exciting and inviting.


  1. Christmas wrapping paper (reusing paper from last year is a great way to reduce waste)

  2. Bow and ribbon

  3. Tape

  4. Scissors


1. Cut enough paper to completely cover your door.

2. Wrap the paper around your door and tape ends on the inside edge of the door.

3. If you have a window in your door, don't forget to cut the paper around it and tuck the edges along the window sill.

4. Attach bows and ribbons as desired.

The Anti-Wreath

Anti WreathChristmas greenery doesn't naturally come in the shape of a wreath, so why should you limit your door décor to circles?



  • One bough of Christmas evergreens and greenery
  • Three to five small ornaments
  • Ribbon
  • Spray snow or frost


1. Fasten the bough of evergreens close to the top of your door.

2. Attach ornaments to the bough with durable wire or ornament hooks that close to keep them secure.

3. Tie a number of smaller ribbons on the edges of the bough, or one large ribbon near the top of the bough.

4. Randomly spray artificial snow or frost on the tips of the bough.

Doorknob Hangers

Pine Cone Doorknob HangerDecorating your door with a do-it-yourself theme doesn't have to be difficult or elaborate. Simple door hangers bring the spirit of the season to your doors and require little maintenance. You can use these instructions with innumerable different materials and objects to change the look of your door.


  1. One coat hanger

  2. Batting

  3. Strip of soft fabric (i.e. felt or velvet) long enough to cover coat hanger

  4. Three pine cones

  5. Three pieces of ribbon varying in length


1. Unwind the coat hanger. Twist the hanger into a figure eight shape. The top loop should be smaller than the bottom loop because it will fit around your doorknob.

2. Cover the figure eight in batting. Wrap or fold the fabric around the covered wire.

3. Wrap the ribbon through the scales of the pine cone. Tie or loop the ribbon around the fabric covered wire.

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