DIY Christmas Ornaments

Learn to make your own Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments are the easiest and most popular way to dress up a holiday room and are an easy do-it-yourself project. The variety of ornaments available for purchase or to make on your own is uncountable. They can come in different shapes, as Christmas characters and can even be made with food. Making a Christmas ornament is a simple way to dress up your home for the holidays.

Angel Ornament

DIY Angel Ornament Angels are the most popular shape for Christmas ornaments. They are able to symbolize both the religious and popular aspects of the holiday with their dual reference to the nativity and to the caring of the season. You can personalize these angels with your own decorating ideas and use them on your tree or as a table or door ornament.


  1. Paint: gold, green, black, red
  2. Decorative excelsior moss
  3. Gold ribbon- 14" long
  4. Green permanent marker
  5. Small round bead or button
  6. White iridescent wired ribbon - 12" long
  7. Wooden ball knob - 1 ¼"
  8. 2" clay pot


1. Paint clay pot (angel's body) gold.

2. Paint ball knob (angel's head) White.

3. Use black paint to make eyes and red paint to make cheeks.

4. Paint excelsior moss gold.

5. Once clay pot is dry, use the green permanent marker to draw bow on angel body. Cover with Real Green Sparkles.

6. Make a loop of gold ribbon, knotting bead or button inside of pot to hold it securely.

7. Bring loop out through hole on the top of the pot to use as a hanger.

8. Glue gold painted excelsior paint ball knob (head).

9. Cut 6" of wired ribbon, fold ends into the center to form wings.

10. Glue to the back of the clay pot.

11. Roll remaining ribbon lengthwise around a pencil. Form into a "halo" and glue to the head.

Wise Men Ornaments

These ornaments are a little more time consuming because they come in threes. They are also not a project that kids can work on by themselves because they require hot glue that can be dangerous to little hands. The result is well worth the effort, though. The result is a quaint do-it-yourself tree ornaments that celebrate the traditional Christian meaning of Christmas.


  1. Paint: white, red, brown, purple and blue
  2. Black leading
  3. 3 large tear-shaped glass ornaments
  4. 3 foam balls, 1 ¼-inch in size
  5. 3 small wood beads
  6. Tiny decorative beads
  7. 8 inch square piece of fabric
  8. Cotton batting
  9. Toothpicks
  10. Foam cup
  11. Scissors
  12. Craft knife
  13. Foam plate
  14. Low-temp glue gun
  15. Low-temp glue sticks


1. Bend ornament cap-points upward to form a crown. Hang ornament on hanger suspended over a foam plate. Drizzle red over one ornament, blue over another and purple over the last.

2. Push a toothpick into foam ball. Mix the white and brown paints together, 3:1. Dip foam ball into cup to coat. Ensure entire ball is covered.

3. Remove ornament cap. Edge the top of the ornament with glue. Press foam ball (head) onto neck.

4. For two of the ornaments, use craft knife to cut away a V-shape liquid rainbow portion from bottom section of ornaments.

5. Glue decorative beads to create nose, eyes and mouth.

6. Glue decorative beads as coat and crown decorations.

7. Use cotton batting to make a beard and collar. Glue red fabric onto red ornament as a cape.

8. Pinch wire ends of cap together and press into top of foam head to attach crown.

Colored Glass Balls

DIY Glass Ornament Glass balls are an inexpensive and popular do-it-yourself Christmas tree ornaments. They can be completely personalized to your tree or your family. If you are worried about the balls breaking, you can also get plain plastic ball ornaments that will work in the same way the glass balls do. Glass balls can be lively or sophisticated and make a great addition to your holiday decorations.


  1. Plain glass ball ornaments
  2. Glitter paint
  3. Frost coating
  4. Glitter
  5. Craft store jewels
  6. Ribbons
  7. Stickers
  8. Clear glue


There are countless ways to decorate common glass ball ornaments. You can completely personalize them with paints and baubles. Here are three ways you can decorate your glass balls at home:

1. Apply clear glue lightly to ornament and carefully apply decorative pieces.

2. Tape cutouts to ornament. Spray paint entire ball. Carefully remove cutouts.

3. Frost balls with spray.

Clothespin Creatures

DIY Clothespin Ornament Clothespin creatures are a favorite with kids. They are easy to make and require little material. They can be made into any kind of creature you want. The most popular shapes are reindeer and Santa and Mrs. Claus. Some kids might even make mom and dad clothespin creatures to hang on the tree!


  1. One-piece clothespins
  2. White paint
  3. Fabric scraps in a variety of colors
  4. Black fine tip marker
  5. Yellow or gold felt
  6. Batting or stuffing
  7. White thread
  8. Craft glue


1. Paint a clothespin white and allow to dry. Cut one inch fabric circles, fill with batting and stitch closed. Glue to rounded edge of clothespin.

2. Use marker to draw face under bonnet.

3. Make an apron or dress out of fabric. Glue or attach to clothespin.

4. Decorate clothespin to personalize your ornament.

5. Ornaments can sit on tree branch or be attached to a string to hang.

Dried Citrus Ornaments

DIY Citrus Ornament Ornaments made from dried citrus fruits are unusual and unexpected decorating tools. While the drying of the fruit can be time consuming the final result is well worth the wait. Lemons and oranges look like slices of sunshine when dried and decorated with sparkles or glaze. A lot of citrus fruits are not usually associated with the winter season so the addition of these ornaments can completely change the theme of your holiday decorating.


  1. Citrus fruit such as lemons, limes and oranges
  2. Wire ornament hanger or string
  3. Oven


1. Slice citrus fruit about ¼ inch thick.

2. Place fruit slices on cookie sheet and bake on lowest setting. Leave oven door open and flip fruit periodically. This step can take several hours and must be closely monitored. When the slices become slightly dry and rubber like to the touch, they are ready.

3. Remove slices from oven and punch a hole near the top. Insert metal ornament hanger or string.

4. To personalize your ornaments paint them with glitter or a frosting glaze.

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

Cinnamon Stick Ornament Using cinnamon sticks will add a quaint natural look to your ornaments. They also add a welcoming scent to the air. The ornaments can be simple or elegant, depending on what type of garland or ribbon you use to attach the sticks together. Do-it-yourself cinnamon stick ornaments are quick and easy.


  1. Several cinnamon sticks, cut into four inch lengths
  2. Metallic garland or ribbons
  3. String or ornament wire


1. Gather a number of the cut cinnamon sticks into a pile.

2. Tie the cinnamon sticks together with garland or ribbons.

3. Attach the hanger or string to the garland or ribbon.

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