DIY Christmas Topiary

Topiary is a sculpture in the shape of a small shrub. Today's topiaries are not typically made with plants and are a common do-it-yourself project. The shape is a versatile decoration that can be utilized to bring together ornaments, foods and faux flowers. The Christmas topiary is experiencing a renewed interest by decorators.

Christmas Ornament Topiary

Ornament Topiary A do-it-yourself topiary made with Christmas ornaments can suit a variety of holiday decors with a variety of colors, textures and sizes available.


  1. A number of small round Christmas ornaments in at least two sizes
  2. One yard of thin flexible wire
  3. Spray paint in your choice of colors
  4. Four inch foam ball
  5. 11 inch long dowel, ¼ inch wide
  6. Hot glue
  7. Glue gun
  8. Foam base for flowerpot
  9. Five inch wide flowerpot
  10. Sheer ribbon, ½ inch wide


1. Lightly spray paint ornaments.

2. Spray paint the dowel and foam ball in the same colors as the ornaments.

3. Spray paint the flower pot.

4. Let all pieces dry thoroughly.

5. Push the dowel into the bottom of the foam ball. Carefully glue the ornaments onto the ball. Position the ornaments as close together as possible.

6. When all the ornaments have firmly fastened to the ball, attach smaller ornaments over top with glue.

7. Glue the foam base into the flowerpot.

8. Push the dowel into the foam base. Glue to secure.

9. Place the smallest ornaments loosely on top of the pot. Arrange ribbon around ornaments.

Fruit and Flower Topiary

Flower Topiary The traditional look of topiary is plant based. A do-it-yourself Christmas topiary can be made by using traditional holiday greenery, flowers and fruit.




  1. One pot, approximately six inches in diameter
  2. Foam brick
  3. 11 inch long dowel, ½ inch thick
  4. Floral pins
  5. Wire picks
  6. Decorating fabric, about 26 inches around
  7. Silk flowers, greens and artificial fruit
  8. Spanish moss
  9. Ten yards of wired ribbon
  10. Cord with tassels
  11. Floral wire
  12. Hot glue
  13. Glue gun


1. Paint dowel green or brown to match greenery. Allow to dry.

2. Cut foam brick in half. Fill pot with one half and secure with glue.

3. Insert dowel into center of foam brick and secure with glue.

4. Attach other half of foam brick to top of dowel. Secure with glue. Trim edges and cut the foam into any shape you desire.

5. Cover foam with Spanish moss.

6. Cover pot with decorating fabric. Gather the fabric at the top and secure it with corded tassel.

7. Cut the stems of flowers and fruit and attach them to floral pins. Insert flowers and fruit at different depths to the top foam piece to form the topiary ball. Alternate flowers, fruit and greenery to vary the look and texture of the ball.

8. Loop wired ribbon decoratively around ball and dowel. Tie a bow and curl the ribbon ends. Attach the bow to the top of the ball with glue or wire.

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