DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

Make your own festive Christmas tree toppers

There is little more important to the Christmas tree than the topper and they are a fun do-it-yourself project. A Christmas tree toppers can symbolize a holiday outlook, celebrate tradition, offer personality and originality and bring a holiday theme together. It is quite easy to make your own tree topper and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Angel Tree Topper

Angel Tree Topper Angels are one of the most popular holiday themes. They are commonly found on ornaments, in wreaths and at the center of holiday tables. An angel tree topper is one of the easiest ways to incorporate angels into your holiday décor. They are incredibly simple to do-it-yourself and can be personalized in various ways to make your angel truly your own.


  1. Plastic tree topper cone (approximately nine inches around)

  2. Fabric (broadcloth, muslin) to be wrapped around base

  3. Three inch paper mache egg (head)

  4. Wooden dowel (neck) four inches long and ¼ inch wide

  5. Two 12 millimeter wooden beads (hands)

  6. Acrylic paint (skin tone, red, blue, green, black, gold and silver)

  7. Doll hair

  8. ¼ inch of gold wire rimmed ribbon for halo

  9. 12 by 18 inch piece of fabric to make clothes

  10. Two 12 inch lengths of ribbon coordinated to clothes

  11. Thread to stitch clothing

  12. Hot glue & glue gun

  13. Eight inch square lace doily


1. Wrap the tree topper cone in fabric and glue together.

2. Paint the paper mache egg, the dowel and the beads with skin tone acrylic paint. Allow the pieces to dry.

3. Paint a face onto the paper mache egg. Glue doll hair onto top of head.

4. Make a halo with the gold wire rimmed ribbon by rolling it into a circle. Attach the halo to the head with glue.

5. Cut a one inch hole in the center of the fabric that will make the clothes. Fold the fabric in half to form a nine by 12 inch rectangle. Stitch a seam 3/8 inch from the fold to make sleeves.

6. Tie a knot at one end of each piece of ribbon and thread the beads onto the ribbon. Secure with glue.

7. Thread the unknotted ribbon ends through the sleeves and out through the neck hole of the fabric. Place the fabric onto the cone and tie the ribbon ends into a bow.

8. Poke a small hole in the bottom of the head. Insert the dowel two inches into the egg. Insert the other end into the top of the cone and glue into place.

9. Fold the lace doily in half to form a triangle. This will make the wings. Stitch the edges together leaving space to stuff with batting. Sew a stitch down the center of the wings and leave the thread ends unknotted. Pull the threads to gather the center of the wings and wrap the threads tightly around the center.

10. Tie a wire edged ribbon around the center of the wings, position them against the back of the anger and tie ribbon in a bow.

This tree topper can also be made into a Santa Claus figure by changing the color of the fabric used, and leaving out the halo and wings.

Christmas Treat Tree Topper

Treats Tree Topper Christmas baking and candy can easily be converted into a festive and creative do-it-yourself tree topper. When it is properly treated, a Christmas treat tree topper can last for years.


  1. Plastic tree topper cone (approximately nine inches around)

  2. Hard candies wrapped in cellophane

  3. Various baked Christmas cookies

  4. Clear acrylic or varnish

  5. Hot glue

  6. Glue gun


1. Bake (or buy) the Christmas cookies in different shapes and textures.

2. Coat cookies with acrylic or varnish and allow to dry.

3. Fasten cookies and hard candies to plastic tree topper with glue.

Santa Hat Tree Topper

Santa Hat Tree Topper A Santa hat tree topper is probably the easiest way to whimsically top your Christmas tree!




  1. Soft red Santa hat with fur trim

  2. Wire or ornament hooks


1. Place the Santa hat on top of the tree.

2. Arrange the branches around the hat so that it sits at the angle you want it at.

3. Secure the Santa hat with wires or ornament hooks.

You can make a large bow or small wreath into a do-it-yourself tree topper too.

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