DIY Christmas Wreaths

A do-it-yourself wreath is a flexible decoration. Used not only at Christmas time, wreaths can be found inside or outside in a variety of materials and shapes. Christmas wreaths tend to have specific colors and materials, but how you build your wreath is completely up to you!

Poinsettia Wreath

Poinsettia Wreath Christmas poinsettias are one of the most recognizable signs of the Christmas season. A poinsettia wreath adds a vibrant color and a welcoming fragrance to your holiday décor. They can be hung in innumerable places inside and outside such as on doors and walls, over fireplace mantels and in windows.


  • 6 red poinsettia blooms of various sizes
  • 18 inch pine wreath
  • 4 stems of white berries
  • 6 sprigs of blue-tipped holly
  • Paddle wire
  • Wire cutters 5
  • Yards of satin ribbon

* use artificial flowers and greenery


1. Fluff the wreath and bend individual stems forward at random to create a rounded look.

2. Tie poinsettias to the wreath, spacing evenly.

3. Use black paint to make eyes and red paint to make cheeks.

4. Tie berries to the wreath in a random pattern, bending them slightly for a natural look.

5. Tie a multi-loop bow from satin ribbon Ensure you wire through the center and leave several short tails.

Pine Cone Wreath

Pine cone WreathA pine cone wreath is a versatile addition to your holiday theme and one of the easiest do-it-yourself wreath projects. You can personalize the wreath with the size and shape of the cones as well as with the addition of a variety of holiday greenery. You can decorate the cones themselves with glitter or frosting glaze to give the wreath an outdoor feel. The scent that is produced by this wreath is subtle and it can make any entrance way welcoming.


  • 10 pine cones
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Duct tape
  • Sprigs of mistletoe
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • White ribbon

* use artificial greenery


1. Cut the wire coat hanger in half and form it into a circle.

2. Wind the two ends together.

3. Secure the ends and cover the entire circle with duct tape.

4. Once you have your circle formed, glue on the pinecones.

5. Glue sprigs of mistletoe near top of wreath.

6. Tie white ribbon into a bow.

7. Tie bow to bottom of wreath.

Hard Candy Wreath

Candy Wreath You can use this method of wreath making for a variety of different wreaths. To change the look all you have to do is change the object you use to decorate it. You can attach toys for a whimsical feel, glass ornaments for an elegant look, as well as different types of food or flowers to make your wreath festive. You can attach a variety of different objects together to a coat hanger to make an interesting conversation piece. Just make sure that the coat hanger is completely covered by the pieces you are putting on your wreath.


  1. One coat hanger

  2. Approximately 30 or more pieces of hard wrapped candy and suckers

  3. Eight inch pieces of curling ribbon in the same number as you have candies

  4. Wire cutters

  5. Pliers

  6. Masking tape

  7. Scissors or ribbon curlers


1. Unbend the coat hanger and cut it in half. You can use the whole wire but will require more candies and the wreath might look sparse.

2. Bend the hanger into a circle and close with a loop to hang it from.

3. Fold your eight inch ribbon in half and tie it to the end of the candy where the wrapper twists.

4. Tie the candy tightly to the hanger. Tie it close to the wire to cover it up.

5. Curl the end of the ribbon.

6. Repeat the process with all of your candy. Suckers fit best at the top of the wreath and can be tied on by the base of the stick.

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