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How much are your Christmas lights costing you?

Environmentalists encourage us all to reduce our "wastelines" around the holidays. Most of the "green" solutions revolve around reducing and reusing packaging and holiday wrap. However, the most holiday energy is consumed by Christmas lights and decorations, and the easiest way to conserve in your home during the holidays is to monitor your energy consumption.

With energy costs continually on the rise, a single home could be looking at using thousands of extra kilowatts and spending more than an additional $100 a month on energy simply with the addition of Christmas lights to the décor. By using fewer lights, and bulbs that are more energy efficient, you can cut your energy consumption by more than 80% and save a bundle on your hydro bill.

Why calculate the cost?

Our Energy Cost Calculator can help you figure out exactly how much you are spending on energy to decorate your home with light over the Christmas season. Simply enter the type and quantity of lights, and the number of hours you leave your Christmas lights on per day and the calculator uses the national average energy rate per kilowatt hour to determine how much your lights are going to cost you during the holidays. These are important considerations to include in your holiday planning and budgeting.

While things such as animated Christmas ornaments and elaborate, time consuming holiday cooking also contribute to the use of energy, Christmas lights tend to be used more frequently and for longer periods of time. Considering the fact that most decorators will use multiple strings of lights, energy consumption is multiplied significantly.

Celebrating an environmentally friendly (and wallet friendly) Christmas is easy. Christmas consumer products are now being manufactured with energy conservation in mind. There are a variety of energy efficient alternatives to traditional outdoor Christmas lights which can use over 100 watts per string.

Cost is a big factor in the drive to conserve energy but it is not the only reason to reduce your energy use. The availability of national power resources is under constant threat from overuse and the byproducts of energy creation are a danger to the environment. You can help save the planet and your money by revamping your Christmas lights and decorations.

How to Lower Your Christmas Energy Consumption and Your Costs

  • Purchase energy efficient Christmas lights and light bulbs such as LED Christmas lights
  • Try to cut down on the number of strings you use - less is sometimes more!
  • Try to keep your lights on for only two to five hours a day
  • Make sure to turn off your lights whenever you aren't home and when you go to bed
  • Save your lighting for the days closest to Christmas or for special entertaining

Enter your information below to estimate your Christmas lighting costs, the results are based upon the average national cost of kilowatt per hour.

Christmas Lighting Energy Calculator
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