Environmentally Friendly Christmas

How to make your Christmas eco-friendly

Christmas can be one of the least environmentally friendly times of year. Just think of the tons of waste created by Christmas gift wrap, cards, Christmas decorations and parties. The increased consumption at this time of year can cost a lot for the planet. But it isn't hard to make your holiday celebration a little more green!

Reuse and Reduce

The easiest way to prevent added waste from entering the landfills at Christmas time is to keep it from reaching that point. You can do this easily by reusing and reducing when celebrating.

  1. Don't buy new decorations and wrapping supplies each year. If you look after your decorations they can last for years. You can also reuse gift wrap and Christmas cards in a variety of different ways.
  2. Try to minimize your Christmas list too. Don't buy for everyone, and don't buy a lot for each person on your list. Take the holiday season as a chance to spend time together or help out your loved ones. They will appreciate your time more than your money.
  3. You can also be environmentally friendly by reducing your energy use and lighting your Christmas decorations for shorter amounts of time or hand making your decorations and gifts. There are innumerable do-it-yourself projects for the Christmas holidays!

If you take the time to eliminate unnecessary waste you can help prevent the over 300,000 tons of waste produced by the Christmas season.

Alternate Power Choices

While you can save a lot by reusing and reducing at Christmas you can't avoid creating waste completely. You can minimize the impact of your holiday consumption by changing the way you use power throughout the season.

Avoid traditional electric holiday decorations and go with solar Christmas lights or find products that use less energy like LED Christmas lights. They are environmentally friend and you will save money.

Christmas Trees

Real Christmas trees have gotten a bad rap because of the waste caused by cutting down a live tree just to put it in your house for two weeks and then throw it out. While Christmas tree farms are attempting to reverse the effects of cutting down trees, you can avoid this by using artificial or living trees. The pollution caused by the manufacture of an artificial tree is matched by the environmentally friendly aspect of reusing the tree for several years.

If you have to have a real Christmas tree, make sure to counter the effects of cutting down a tree by reusing or recycling your Christmas tree it after the holidays. Consider planting a tree to replace the one you cut, too.

It takes a little extra work to keep your holiday celebrations environmentally friendly but it is certainly worth the effort. Your friends and loved ones can share your eco-friendly celebrations and you can all work together towards reducing some of the 300,000 tons of waste created by the Christmas season. Every little bit counts.

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