Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas classic

Hand painted Christmas ornaments are a great way to express your personality in your Christmas decorations. The painting can be a monogram, a photo or simply a design.

These ornaments are not only for the artistically gifted. You can purchase hand made and painted ornaments, have them custom made or make them yourself. There are a large number of websites available where everyday people sell their crafts and hand made ornaments. The joy of a hand painted Christmas ornament is in its originality - not its perfection.

Decorated Wood

Most hand painted Christmas ornaments will be made of wood. They can be made in almost any shape. The most popular are angels and snowmen. These adorable little creatures have expressive faces that give them real personalities.

Wooden ornaments will also commonly be made in the shape of churches, sleighs and trees. These ornaments can be painted as realistic imitations or colorful cartoons. They are also ideal for personalization because names and messages are easily added to the flat surfaces.

Painted Elegance

Glass ornaments can also be hand painted. Glass balls are typically used for painting but blown glass shapes can also be decorated.

Christmas scenes and patterns can easily be painted onto glass ornaments. Similar to wood ornaments, the paintings can be elegant or fun and personalization is simple.

How to Paint Your Own Christmas Ornament

It is easy to make your own hand painted Christmas ornament. You can go to a craft store and purchase pre-cut wooden shapes to customize or you can paint an old glass ornament. All it takes is the right type of paint and some creativity! There are two easy ways to paint a glass ornament.

From the Inside

  1. Find or buy a clear glass ball ornament. Get three or four different colors of acrylic paint.

  2. Take the hanger and cap off of the ornament.

  3. Rinse the inside of the ornament with alcohol and let it dry completely.

  4. Starting with one color, squeeze a small amount of paint into the ornament so it runs down the side. If you want your pattern to swirl rotate your ornament to change the direction of the paint.

  5. Continue with the same color and squeeze a small amount down the side to make three or four stripes of color. There should only be a small amount of paint in the bottom of the ornament so make sure that you don't use too much.

  6. Add the next color in the same way in the spaces in between your first stripes. Continue the process with your other colors.

  7. Let the paint set for five minutes. Spin and tilt the ornament about a quarter of a turn every five minutes or so until the paint evenly coats the inside of the ornament.

  8. Pour out any excess paint. Continue to rotate your ornament every few hours for the next day. The design will continue to change each time you move it and the shapes will depend on what direction you move it in. For a vertical look roll the ornament from top to bottom. For a horizontal look roll the ornament on its side.

  9. When you are happy with the way the ornament looks, pour out any leftover paint. It could take several days for the ornament to dry because the paint is so enclosed but you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

  10. Replace the cap and hanger.

From the Outside

  1. Find or buy a glass ball ornament. Clear balls are easiest to paint but if you have to use a colored one simply use darker paints or paint it white before you begin.

  2. Remove the hanger and cap.

  3. Rinse the ornament with alcohol and let it dry completely. If you are using a colored ball paint it white with acrylic paint and let the paint dry thoroughly.

  4. Use a light colored permanent marker to outline your design or picture.

  5. Using acrylic paint color in your design or picture. You can draw a winter scene, Santa's face, a Christmas tree – the choices are endless! Painting is also a great way to personalize your ornaments and you can write names, dates and messages along with your picture or design.

  6. Let the paint dry completely. This may take a couple of days.

  7. Seal the paint with two or three coats of polyurethane.

  8. Replace the hanger and cap.

You can decorate your hand painted ornaments with a number of extras. Tie a ribbon around the hanger. Glue glitter onto the ornament after it's dry. You can also glue other objects like feathers, beads or felt cutouts onto your ornament. Your hand painted Christmas ornaments are only limited by your imagination!

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