Christmas Patterns

Updating your Christmas palette

The colors of the season are traditionally found in Christmas decorations of red, green and white. While these are always popular choices, each year we find a bundle of different (and sometimes unusual!) colors being used to decorate both indoors and outdoors. This year has ushered in a number of unexpected color combinations that can be used to personalize your Christmas décor. Incorporate these colors and patterns into your Christmas decorations to inspire the holiday spirit in your home and outdoors.

Hottest Colors And Patterns Shaking Things Up
If you're not interested in the traditional colors of the season (even in their nontraditional forms) there are a number of new trends in colors for Christmas decorations in 2007. The most popular colors and combinations that are showing up this year are:

  • Purple
  • Bronze and gold, or other metallic shades
  • Black
  • Deep burnt orange
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Pink

Black started showing up in Christmas decor last year in Europe , and this darker hue will likely prove to be one of the most popular colors of the holiday season on this side of the ocean for Christmas 2007. Black can be paired with both the new bright and dark color choices of the trendiest Christmas decorations, which offer a dramatic contrast and provide a new, versatile Christmas color combination.

Patterns & Textures
Christmas isn't just for solid blocks of red, green and white anymore! Patterns are being incorporated into the trendiest of Christmas decorations. There are a range of textures and prints of all kinds cropping up in this season's hottest patterns:

  • Glitter and sparkles – anything that shines in sure to be a safe bet
  • Feathers, beads and fringe – soft and fluffy detail is the way to go
  • Animal prints and flowers are unexpected additions to gift wrap

The purpose for this year's trendiest patterns is to add a touch of the unexpected to holiday décor. Anything that you wouldn't typically associate with Christmas can now be found on everything from festive table linens, to Christmas decorations and gift wrap. These patterns are anything but traditional- but they can be combined with more conventional holiday themes and colors to prevent them from appearing overwhelming or tacky. The key to this year's patterns and textures is balance and taste.

The simple inclusion of new colors and patterns can completely update the look of your holiday celebration. For traditionalists, select a couple of intriguing pieces from this year's hottest holiday décor ideas to revamp your favorite Christmas decorations.

The Usual Suspects

It's almost impossible to get away from the incorporation of red, green and white in your Christmas decorations. They are, after all, the traditional colors of the season! This year's trends have hijacked the traditional, though, and include a variety of different shades that change the look of your presentation.

This year, popular greens will include a combination of the brightest and the darkest shades. Green decorations will be available in lime and acid green for those looking for some shock value. There will also be numerous chances to darken your traditional Christmas color theme with spruce and ivy green.

Like green, reds this year will be available in bright and bold shades as well as darker wine colors like burgundy and claret.

Since this year's trends also highlight vintage Christmas themes, most white decorations will come in an ivory shade. Pure white will of course be available to contrast with the brighter shads of the season.

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