LED Christmas Lights

Energy efficient lights for the environmentally-friendly decorator

LED lights have garnered a lot of attention over the past couple of years. With their distinct look and long lasting bulbs they have become a fast favorite for Christmas decorators.

LED stands for light-emitting diode which is a special type of semiconductor diode used to conduct light. The lights are more efficient for Christmas decorations because they don't require the color filters used in traditional lights to change the look of the light. This keeps energy costs lower.

Christmas Colors

The greatest benefit of using LED lights in your Christmas decorations cost efficiency. The lights are built inside solid cases which protect them and make them incredibly durable. The lights themselves are also long lasting. On average they will work for about ten years. This is twenty times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Further, they don't burn out the way traditional bulbs do. Instead they simply start to fade. A single bulb fading out doesn't affect the rest of the string either. Your replacement costs will be significantly lower with this type of light.

Safety First

LED lights are also safer than traditional Christmas bulbs. They emit less heat so they pose less of a fire risk when put on trees or combined with other decorations. All lights create fire hazards when they are lit near flammable materials or left on for too long but you can reduce the danger by changing the type of bulb you use. The lights also reduce the risk of burns for children and pets.

The durability of the lights is another safety factor. The sturdy plastic cases don't break easily and they won't cause such a risk of serious injury if they happen to be broken. Traditional glass bulbs are quite dangerous if broken when stepped on.

The Environmentally Friendly Option

Using LED lights for your Christmas decorations is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Christmas lights. While decorative lights are always a drain on energy, LED lights will use only ten percent of the power required for traditional lights and the bulbs utilize all of the light produced.

Some communities have caught on to the energy and cost saving value of LED lights and are offering even trades for traditional lights. You can contact your local energy provider or community group to see if you can bring in your old lights for a new set of LEDs.

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