Handmade Christmas Cards

How to make your own cards and paper

A great way to personalize your Christmas gifts (as well to as reduce waste and save money) is to wrap them in homemade paper and include a card you made yourself. Your presents are truly personal when you go to the effort of creating the packaging yourself. Making your own cards and paper for a Christmas gift gives you the opportunity to tell that special someone just what they mean to you. It's easy and inexpensive to make your own Christmas cards and paper. There are a number of ways to get creative!


Make Your Own CardDo you ever find that none of the cards available at the store say what you want? Making your own cards guarantees that your special message is received. You can make cards on the computer for a professional look or you can make them by hand for an artsy feel. Attach a homemade card to a Christmas gift and offer a greeting from the heart.

Use the Computer

More than 65% of the population has a computer at home. With the number of different programs and printers available, it is easy to use your computer to make your own Christmas cards. The possibilities are endless!

You can create your own cards from scratch using one of the Windows paint programs or a desktop publishing or photo program. These programs come with ready-made card templates and design options.

Many websites also offer downloadable card templates and holiday art. You can incorporate your own words and pictures into the templates for a quick and easy holiday greeting. You can also take images from the internet by simply right clicking on the picture and selecting "Save picture as" and saving it to your picture files.

Print your cards on interesting paper. Heavier weights like card stock make cards more durable. Some stationary suppliers also sell blank cards that you can print on directly. Remember that the front cover and the enclosed message will be on opposite sides of the paper.

The features available on the computer can allow you to be creative without putting to test your actual arts and crafts skills.

Hand Made Cards

Hand made cards are a favorite for most people. The endless opportunities for design, shape and message make them the most personal way to send a Christmas greeting. Here is an easy way to make a Christmas card by hand:

  1. Purchase some unusual paper. Thick paper works best. You can get stationary in different colors, textures and designs. You can also purchase blank cards to work with.

  2. Decide on the look you want. You can make your card horizontal or vertical or cut it into a shape. If you want a horizontal fold, fold the paper along the shortest edge first. If you want to make it smaller or thicker, fold the paper in half again by matching the two shorter sides together. You will end up with a rectangle shape. If you want a vertical fold, fold the paper along the longer edge first. If you want to make it smaller or thicker, fold the paper in half again. You will end up with a square shape.

  3. Decorate your card in any way! Paint and crayons make interesting designs. Paper cutouts add texture as do cutouts made of felt or a different material. Glue glitter or jewels to your card. You are limited only by your imagination.

Wrapping Paper

You can make Christmas gift wrap out of almost any type of material. You can wrap your gifts in a bag, a scarf, a comic book or even a newspaper. If you like the look and feel of traditional paper there are a lot of ways to make your own.

One of the easiest ways is to buy some brown craft paper (sometimes called butcher paper) and paint it or draw on it. You can also use rubber stamps with Christmas designs to decorate the paper. You can glue on glitter or craft jewels. For a quick paint job, get some red, green and white paint and splatter it onto the paper with a paint brush. This homemade paper goes great with handmade gift tags and cards.

Your friends and family will appreciate your effort and your Christmas gifts will stand out!

Are Email Christmas Cards Tacky?

There are a number of websites that offer online greeting cards that you can personalize and send to friends. This should be done as a last resort! Only if you've missed the absolute last chance to send that long distance greeting (and your friend in Alaska won't get it until after New Years) should you send a card by email.

Online cards are tacky because they take absolutely no time to put together. Although they are personalized they are truly impersonal because they are available to the masses. You are not even actually sending a card – you are sending a link to a website that contains a card graphic! With an online card you are telling your friends and family that you just don't have time for them.

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