Mini Christmas Trees

A smaller version of a big favorite

Mini Christmas trees, or tabletop Christmas trees as they are sometimes known, are a great alternative to a full sized Christmas tree. At 12"-36", they can fit just about anywhere, and if you want to have more than one Christmas tree in your home, they're a great addition!

Just like full sized Christmas trees, mini trees are available in real or artificial varieties. However, unlike real trees which are cut and eventually die, mini Christmas trees tend to be potted. This allows mini trees to be enjoyed year round, either in the house or in the garden. Keep in mind that mini trees will grow (if even a little) and may require repotting. If the tree is merely balled (burlap wrapped around some soil and the roots), the tree will need to be planted, either outside or in a pot. Balled trees can only remain in that state for a week, after which it will start to die.

If you plan to replant the mini tree outside, here are some tips:

  • Pre-dig the hole and keep it thawed
  • The hole should be about 4 times the size of the root ball
  • If the soil in the root ball is of poor quality, improve it by adding manure, compost, etc.
  • Evergreens prefer acidic soil, so it's not necessary to add lime
  • Remove the burlap and other binding materials
  • If necessary, stake the tree

Obviously if you live in a cold and snowy climate, replanting the tree in December won't be an option. However, if your mini Christmas tree is under 2 feet in height, replanting it isn't immediately required. Just keep it in a pot until spring. If it's the type of tree that stays small, you should be able to keep it in the house year round.

If a real mini Christmas tree isn't for you, get an artificial one. These make great Christmas trees for kids. Some come pre-lit, others not. If not, don't worry. Mini Christmas trees are becoming quite popular and as a result there is a wide range of mini Christmas decorations and Christmas lights available.

In addition to being an attractive decoration, mini Christmas trees make great gifts. This is especially true of nature lovers or gardening aficionados. And trees help benefit the environment, absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen. This makes the mini Christmas tree a welcome addition to any home during the holidays.

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