Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Decorating the whole home

Outdoor Christmas decorations essentially come down to lights and props. Props can then be categorized as yard decorations, door decorations and rooftop decorations. Your outdoor holiday decorating can include all three, or just one - the choice is yours. For those afraid of heights or who live in windy locales, it may be best to stick with yard and door decorations.

For Your Yard

Yard decorations are the focal point of your outdoor Christmas landscape. You can go for a themed look or something more eclectic. A "Santa's workshop" theme would incorporate Santa, elves, workbenches and tools, toys (teddy bears, dolls, trains) and Christmas presents. For those of a more spiritual nature, a Nativity scene perfectly captures the heart of the holiday season. Need more themed ideas? Instead of a winter wonderland, create a "winter candy land". Place gingerbread men, gingerbread houses and candy canes (all plastic of course) on your lawn for a whimsical and lighthearted look. And if your winter candy land inspires you to do some holiday baking, so much the better!

For Your Door

Door decorations provide a warm welcome to holiday guests. A Christmas wreath is the classic standby. And while there are many beautiful wreaths to choose from, there are countless other door decorations. Why limit yourself? Try a new door decoration every year. Tie some holly to your door knocker. Cover the door with wrapping paper, complete with a big bow. Hang stockings from the mailbox. Even a simple Christmas welcome mat will ensure your guests feel right at home.

For Your Roof

To top off your outdoor Christmas decoration, go to the top of the house with rooftop decorations! Santa with his sleigh and eight tiny reindeer is the obvious choice. Continuing along the Santa theme, you can get rooftop decorations of jolly Saint Nick trying to wiggle his way down a fake chimney. And if there's ever an outdoor Christmas decoration sure to bring a smile to passersby, this one's it!

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