Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Customize your Christmas gifts and decor

Personalization and customization are very popular trend in Christmas ornaments and gifts for this year. It can help make all the important people in your life a central part of your holiday celebration.

The ideal way to share the holidays

You can personalize ornaments to give as gifts and party favors or you can do it for your own Christmas decorations. There are a number of different ways to make your ornaments your own. Your best way to personalize your Christmas ornaments depends on your time and budget.

Here are the five most popular ways that people are personalizing ornaments for the Christmas holidays.

  1. Order Online
    Order personalized Christmas ornaments online this Christmas. There are a number of different websites that will custom make and ship your ornaments to you within a couple of weeks. Some sites even give you the chance to design the ornaments yourself with an online design forum. The price of these ornaments varies greatly. It will depend on the type of ornament you order (i.e. felt balls will be cheaper than glass balls) and the type of customization you request (i.e. monogramming is cheaper than embroidery and decoration).

  2. Hand Monogramming
    You can personalize and hand letter old ornaments for a unique gift. Make sure you buy an ink that is permanent and won't fade. Outline a name, date or message in non-permanent ink first. Trace over your outline with the permanent ink. You can also add extras to these ornaments by gluing glitter or small objects to it. This works best with plastic or glass balls or wooden ornaments with a large flat surface.

  3. Embroidery
    Embroider felt or other Christmas ornaments made of soft materials. You can get instructions on how to embroider online or from any craft store. Use a high quality embroidery thread to make sure that your ornaments last. You can stitch in a name, date or message in a variety of different colors.

  4. Crocheting
    More custom than simply personalizing an old decoration, you can make your own Christmas ornaments! Crocheting is not difficult and you can get instructions, materials and patterns online or at any craft store. The great thing about crocheting an ornament is you are not limited in the shapes, colors or textures you are going to include. Make your ornament as traditional or wacky as you want.

  5. Use Your Computer
    With all the different programs and online activities available for making designs and customizing photos you can design your own ornaments. Cut photos into holiday shapes and add color, names, messages and other designs. Print them off with a high quality and heavy paper and have them laminated.

Personalized Christmas ornaments are easy and fun and make a great gift that lets people know you were really thinking about them. You and your friends will be able to share the holidays by making and sharing these ornaments together.

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