Popular Novelty Christmas Lights

Make a statement with your Christmas lights this year

Novelty LightsThe shape of your Christmas bulbs or string of lights can dramatically update the look of your Christmas décor. Novelty Christmas lights can be elegant or goofy, from simple white orbs to full-sized reindeer shapes, and come in a variety of colors. They are relatively inexpensive (when you compare them to the price of regular shaped Christmas lights) and can be used as indoor Christmas lights or outdoor Christmas lights and be installed almost anywhere that regular lights can be placed. Novelty Christmas lights are divided into two types: shaped bulbs and shaped strings.

Shaped Bulbs

Shaped bulbs tell a story with light. The bulbs themselves are manufactured in different shapes to change the way the light looks. You can buy strings of shaped bulbs that have all the same shape or you can purchase multi shaped strings that combine a number of popular shapes together. Traditional novelty bulbs typically come in the shape of fruits and vegetables, with chili pepper lights the most popular. But bulbs can be made into almost any shape and you can even find manufacturers who will personalize the bulbs for you. For novelty Christmas lights, the bulb shapes include a multitude of festive themes such as:

  • Christmas trees
  • Snowflakes
  • Pine cones
  • Satin balls
  • Starlight spheres
  • Snowmen
  • Candles
  • Santa Claus

Shaped bulbs can also work several lights (often LED lights) in one or with motion lights. The most common motion light is the bubble light. These lights can be shaped in all the same forms as regular shaped bulbs. Bubble lights contain liquid and when turned on the liquid bubbles and reflects the light in different ways.

Shaped Strings

Shaped strings of Christmas lights are usually made with LED Christmas lights or rope lights. They are sometimes called rope light sculptures. The most common shapes are stars and snowflakes, but the lights can also be manipulated to look like candles, faces, animals or even words. You can purchase pre-shaped sculptures or use rope lights to make your own.

Make Your Own Light Sculpture

To make your own light sculpture you attach some rope lights to a shape that you have made out of wire or wood. The shape you make is limited only to your imagination. Shapes can be made with multicolor or flickering lights to change the look of your sculpture.

Innovative Christmas lighting is an original and interesting addition to any holiday display. If you want to add a specific theme, some additional points of interest, or light up the neighborhood in a completely original way, novelty Christmas lights are a fun and easy way to decorate for the holidays.

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