Christmas Tree Themes

How should you decorate your tree

A great Christmas tree can be brought together with a theme. You can match your tree to the general holiday atmosphere of your home or you can personalize it with its own focus. There are both traditional and trendy themes that can significantly change the look of your tree and help you create a holiday décor.

Color Themes

Christmas Tree Themes The most straightforward way to arrange your Christmas tree is to base it on a specific color. Adding Christmas garland and beads, Christmas decorations, ornaments, bows and Christmas lights to your tree all in one color gives it a professional and elegant look. Some of the most popular color themes for your Christmas tree include:

  1. Crimson Christmas
    Rich red bows, beads, ornaments and crimson faux fruit make red a perfect Christmas tree theme

  2. Wonderful Whites
    Elegant whites from your tree skirt to ornaments and lights create a magical look

  3. Citrine Greens
    Lively greens create a trendy tone on tone look for a modern, chic tree

  4. Stylish Silvers
    Stylish silver accents on an evergreen bough look classic and Christmasy

  5. Golden Boughs
    Sophisticated and glam, golden décor on your Christmas tree creates a luxe look

  6. Blue Hues
    Cool blue hues with garland, lights and ornaments create a unique Christmas tree mood

  7. Bold Metallics
    Mixing metallic blue, pink, green and silver details make metallic décor a trendy tree trimming technique

You can buy all your accessories in a number of shades of the same color to bring them all together. To top off your color theme, get a tree skirt that fits into it and make sure that your tree topper addresses the color scheme closely. That means that if you are using a blue, silver or metallic theme you will probably top your tree with a star or an angel. If you are using a red, white or green theme you can also use an angel or a Santa Claus figure. If you can't choose just one look- opt for two trees!

Style Themes

You might want to decorate your Christmas tree around a particular holiday style. The colors you choose, and the type and texture of the decorations and ornaments will revolve around the traditions of this style.

  1. Country Christmas: wooden ornaments; gingerbread ornaments; raffia; popcorn or cranberry garland; browns; reds; greens

  2. Elegant Christmas: glass ornaments; bead garlands; ribbons and lace; velvet; silvers; blues; deep reds

  3. Old-fashioned Christmas: vintage pewter ornaments; candle shaped lights; popcorn or ribbon garland; reds; greens; whites

Picking a style to decorate your tree with is more flexible than designing it around a color theme because there is more choice to the ornaments and garlands you can use.

Family Trees

A family Christmas tree can be a fun way to bring your family together over the holidays. You can use a variety of different objects to decorate the tree and personalize it to your family's personality. Some interesting pieces could be:

  1. Family photos (in frames, ornaments or placed within the tree)

  2. Collectable ornaments

  3. Favorite foods

  4. Handmade ornaments and garlands

  5. Christmas cards and personal notes

The point behind a family tree is to truly make it your own. Your family is unique and your Christmas tree should be too!

Untraditional Themes

You can really decorate your Christmas tree around any theme that suits your style. You can get a number of ornaments and garlands that address different themes and the different personalities and passions of your family. Some of the most popular untraditional themes are:

  • Outer space
  • Cartoons
  • Cars
  • Pets
  • Sports

When you choose to decorate your tree around an unusual or untraditional theme you are really free to do whatever you please. You can include a variety of colors and textures and your ornaments and decorations might be common objects from around the house. Let your imagination (and your Christmas tree) run wild!

What Not to Put on Your Tree

Regardless of the theme you choose to fashion your Christmas tree around, there are some things that should always be avoided.

  • Candles
  • Outdoor lights
  • Unwrapped or unglazed food
  • Large or heavy decorations
  • Anything sharp
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