Pre-lit Christmas Trees

Trim the tree with ease

If you're like many people, untangling Christmas lights is your least favorite aspect of the holidays. In which case, why not consider a pre-lit Christmas tree?

Pre-lit Christmas trees come equipped with hundreds of mini lights already on the tree. All you need to do is plug it in and presto - a brightly glowing Christmas tree. In new models, if one of the bulbs blows out, the others will remain lit. Others use energy efficient LED bulbs, saving money on your electricity bill. To extend the life of the bulbs, use a separate extension cord for each lighting section of the tree. Plugging everything together into one outlet will overload the bulbs.

Just like regular light bulbs, there are those of good quality and others of questionable quality. When purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree, take a close look at the lights. Make sure all the bulb bases are solid (no cracks) and that bulbs fit firmly in the bases. With the lights already on the tree you're less likely to pay attention to these things. Regardless of whether you hang the lights on the tree or if they're already in place, you should always check the lights.

Pre-lit Christmas trees have to be stored upright since you can't take the pieces apart. As a word of advice, don't store the tree in its original shipping box. The box is meant for short term storage only and is likely a touch too small for the tree. Use a garbage bag or Christmas tree storage bag to keep dust off the tree.

Similar to the pre-lit Christmas tree are fiber optic Christmas trees. Unlike pre-lit trees that still use individual strands of lights (which are permanently attached to the tree), the fiber optic lights are built directly into the needles. And unlike the mini lights used in pre-lit trees, fiber optic lights produce zero heat. Another benefit of a fiber optic Christmas tree is the "kaleidoscope" effect of the rotating lights. So one minute all the lights are glowing a soft blue, then darken to purple, then lighten to yellow, etc. The effect is quite mesmerizing.

If you can't decide whether to purchase a pre-lit Christmas tree or a fiber optic tree, consider getting one of each! Fiber optics are more common in smaller or mini Christmas trees. So you can have a large, full-sized, pre-lit tree and a small, quaint, fiber optic tree. Just think of it as double the Christmas tree fun.

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