Real or Artificial Christmas Trees

How do you choose?

There are various arguments for and against buying a live or an artificial Christmas tree. There are many people who will never, under any circumstances, "bough" under pressure and get an artificial tree. There are also the environmentally friendly, who will dig up a tree, plant it in soil and take good care of it over the holiday season. After, the excitement has subsided they plant the tree back in its original spot, throw in some compost and reuse it year after year. This is a great idea if you have children. Taking pictures in front of the Christmas tree as both grow year after year is quite an amazing spectacle to behold. Then there are the artificial trees that allow you to see how tall your child has grown next to the tree. The tree might even look like it's shrinking!

There are indeed good things and bad things about both artificial trees and real trees. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Real Christmas Trees:




  1. Fresh scent

  2. Many different varieties to choose from

  3. The "traditional" choice

  4. Real trees are renewable and recyclable

  5. Absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen

  6. Christmas Tree farms support the economy and provide jobs
  1. Require continual maintenance

  2. Can become a fire hazard if not properly maintained

  3. Shed needles

  4. Can only be left up for a limited time

  5. Less economical (it's a yearly expense)

  6. Transporting the tree and disposing of it later

Artificial Christmas Trees:




  1. More economical (usually a one time cost)

  2. Flame retardant

  3. No maintenance required

  4. Can be left up as long as you want

  5. No mess from needles

  6. Large variety to choose from
  1. Can look fake and plastic

  2. Made from nonrenewable petroleum

  3. Artificial trees are not recyclable or biodegradable

  4. Many artificial trees are made overseas, so there is no benefit to the local economy

  5. Time needed to assemble the tree

  6. Requires storage space in the home

  7. If not packed-up correctly, creepy crawlies may get into the box while it is stored

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