15 Tips for a Green Christmas

How to save the planet and celebrate the season

With so much added waste floating around at the Christmas season it can be difficult to celebrate the holidays with an environmentally friendly edge. Here are the top 15 tips for caring for the environment while you enjoy the holidays:

  1. Don't give gifts. Donate to an environmental charity instead.

  2. Give environmentally friendly gifts that don't increase waste.

  1. Bring your own reusable bag to the store when you are Christmas shopping.

  1. Don't use paper to wrap your gifts. Put them in a reusable bag or wrap them up in a second gift like a scarf or hat. Or don't wrap them at all!

  2. Use rechargeable batteries in all your Christmas electronics and gifts.

  3. Use garland instead of lights to save energy.

  4. Only use your outdoor lights for two to five hours a day or when you are having company.

  5. Decorate with pieces that can be used in other seasons.

  6. Compost left over holiday foods.

  7. Decorate your home with natural ornaments: holly, evergreen, cranberries, popcorn and fruit are all compostable.

  8. Use longer rolls of film to reduce cost and waste.

  9. Put up an artificial tree.

  10. Buy a live tree and replant it after the holidays.

  11. Recycle your Christmas tree.

  12. Save your Christmas wrap, decorations and cards to reuse next year.

It is easy to shape your Christmas celebrations with conservation in mind. Encourage your friends and family be environmentally friendly and Christmas time will no longer seem so wasteful.

What Christmas Means for the Planet

If we don't watch our consumption over the holidays, it can mean real consequences for the environment. Recycling is the best way to show your environmentally friendly Christmas spirit.

  1. Without recycling, up to one billion Christmas cards and as much as 83 square kilometers of wrapping paper could end up in landfills

  2. Excessive consumption will kill the planet. It is estimated that the pollution from the manufacturing, transportation, use and disposal of Christmas gifts is greater than that caused by automobiles each year

  3. Christmas lights left on for ten hours a day over only twelve days will produce enough carbon dioxide to inflate 12 balloons

All these damaging effects can be avoided if everyone pays attention to consumption over the holidays.

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