Untangling Christmas Lights

Getting your decorations ready

So Thanksgiving has come and gone and you've started thinking about Christmas. Just the thought of the colorful decorations, gingerbread cookies and caroling gives you a warm feeling all over. And the Christmas tree! You can't wait to put it up - you're so excited! Then you remember you have to untangle the Christmas lights - and all your happy thoughts come screeching to a halt!For most people, untangling the Christmas lights ranks as the definite low point of the holidays. It's such a frustrating process - where do you begin? Read on for some simple tips on untangling lights.

  1. Take a deep breath.

  2. Find your favorite music or put your favorite movie on the television to relax by and settle into a comfortable chair.

  3. Dig the lights out of storage (sometimes a frustrating experience in and of itself).

  4. Place the tangled string of lights upon your lap.

  5. Unplug any connections and find a free end.

  6. Loosen all the knots and slowly wind the free end through the tangles. Do not force or rush through the process. Take your time and let the untangled lights slip gently towards the floor and away from the remaining tangles on your lap.

  7. As more of the string comes free, trail the lights away from your chair; there's no point in re-tangling your untangled lights.

  8. When the entire string is untangled, lay it out in a straight line on the floor.

  9. When you hang the lights on the tree, use a helper; one person does the actual hanging and arranging of lights, while the other acts as a "spool" feeding the string.

  10. Don't try to cram the lights into the box they were shipped in; you'll just tangle them.

  11. Prevent new tangles by winding the strings of lights in a coil around a stiff piece of cardboard when returning back to storage. Only wind one strand per piece of cardboard. You'll likely end up with several "bundles" of lights.

  12. Wrap the winded strings (cardboard and all) in tissue paper or soft fabric (to protect the light bulbs) and place in a bag. Wrap and store each bundle of lights separately. Place each separate bundle in a box labeled "Christmas lights".
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