Wrapping a Christmas Gift

Tips and tools to help you wrap a Christmas present

If you thought that picking out the perfect Christmas gift was difficult – wait until you have to wrap it! However, gift wrapping doesn't have to be a chore. It can actually be pretty fun if you don't rush it and have the proper materials available.

What you'll need

There are some essentials to wrapping a Christmas gift. You'll need a good supply of the following:

  1. Generic wrap – think plain silvers and metallics, reds and greens
  2. Cellophane bags – for those hard to wrap gifts! You can spruce it up with green and red ribbons
  3. Colored tissue paper
  4. Ribbons
  5. Stickers
  6. Tags
  7. Gift ornamentation – tiny bells, pine cones; anything to make your package more
  8. Tape
  9. Scissors
  10. Pens

If you are well prepared you will never find yourself in a pinch. Keep these materials organized in a large container or box so that you aren't trying to untie ribbons and find the end of the tape roll in a pinch.


Tools for Wrapping There are a lot of products available that are meant to help you with your Christmas gift wrapping. These little tools are designed for use with one hand for when you are trying to hold the paper in place and can make decorating a gift easy.

  1. Gift wrapping kits: Kits typically include a variety of papers, bags, tissue paper and ribbons. All the necessities are compiled into a convenient box.

  2. Pop up tape dispensers: Tape dispensers attach to your hand or wrist and automatically push up a length of tape. The tape is easy to grab and you don't have to worry about losing the end.

  3. Bow makers: These handy gadgets look like two sticks attached to a ruler but they can make tying a bow the easiest part of wrapping your gift. The ruler is there to help you accurately measure for a particular package.

  4. Decorated boxes: Rather than wrap a Christmas gift in paper put it inside a pretty box. You can get recyclable cardboard versions with festive scenes printed on them. You can also purchase a keepsake box. Dress boxes up with a bow and you're done.

  5. Gift wrapping services: For the truly wrapping impaired, you can bring your Christmas gifts to a wrapping service. Around the holidays most malls will provide the service for free or a small donation.

Enjoy wrapping your gifts - treat it as a special part of the festive season and it won't seem so difficult. Get your friends together and have a wrapping party. Just make sure that the people you are giving to don't see their own gifts! Don't forget to reward yourself with a special holiday treat after your Christmas gifts are wrapped.

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